Table of Contents

 J. Aguilar and R. Harding - Revision of the proposed chemical structure of a compound accumulated in the growth medium of a white collar-2 mutant of Neurospora crassa
pg 12

 R. Bonatelli Jr. and J.L. Azevedo - A system for increasing variability in filamentous fungi?
pp 90-91

 P. Bowyer, R. Musker, A.E. Osbourn, B. Clarke, C. Caten and M.J. Daniels - Production of mutants of Gaeumannoyces graminis var. tritici and var. avenae by 4-nitroquinolene- oxide treatment of protoplasts
pp 13-14

D. Brown and J. Salvo - A convenient and safe method to generate a large quantity of Aspergillus parasiticus spores
pp 15-16

V. Cifuentes, C. Martinez and G. Pincheira - Screening for lignin peroxidase genes in natural isolates of white rot fungi
pp 17-18

L.M. Ciufetti, O.C. Yoder and B.G. Turgeon - A microbiological assay for host-specific fungal polyketide toxins.

R. Geisen - Characterization of a mutation in a strain of Penicillium camembertii affecting the production of cyclopiazonic acid
pp 20-22

 S.D. Haedo, M.R. Mautino and A.L. Rosa - Non-Oak Ridge RFLP patterns in the Neurospora crassa multicent-2 strains
pg 23

 D.J. Jacobson - New round spore mutations in Neurospora crassa accompanying changes in a duplication closely linked to the R locus
pp 24-27

 U.P. Kelavkar and H.S. Chhatpar - Role of amino acids in halotolerant Aspergillus repens
pp 28-31

 M.A. Nelson and R.L. Metzenberg - A qa2+-pGEM vector for Neurospora transformations
pp 59-60

 H. Reimer and H. Ninnemann - Effect of light on conidiation of nit and lis mutants of Neurospora crassa grown on different nitrogen sources
pp 71-72

C.Rossier, G. Brazil and A. Utz-Pugin - Mitotic instability in benomyl-resistant transformants of a fluffy strain of Neurospora crassa
pp 73-75

 J.C. Royer and C.T. Yamashiro - Generation of transformable spheroplasts from mycelia, macroconidia, microconidia and germinating ascospores of Neurospora crassa
pp 76-79

 B. Straubinger, E. Straubinger, S. Wirsel, G. Turgeon and O. Yoder - Versatile fungal transformation vectors carrying the selectable bar gene of Streptomyces hygroscopicus
pp 82-83

 A.S. Sussman - Procedure for mass-production of Neurospora tetrasperma ascospores
pp 84-85

 K.-P. Tsai and R.E. Calza - Enzyme-based DNA extraction from zoospores of ruminal fungi
pp 86-88

 B.C. Turner - Identification of the fragrant strain ATCC 46892 as Neurospora sitophila
pg 89

 C.H. Wilson, L.S. Sajani and P.M. Mohan - Location of a mutant resistant to cobalt and nickel in LG IIIR of Neurospora crassa
pg 89


 N.M. Martinez-Rossi, C. Andrade-Monteiro and S.R.C. Pombeiro
pg 92

 M. Orbach
pg 92

 H. Liu and TJ. Schmidhauser
pg 92

 P.A. Hubbard and C.H. Wilson
pg 92