Fungal Genetics Newsletter 38 (1991)

 N. BABUDRI, P. ANGELELLA and G. MORPURGO - Mapping of mutants resistant to p-fluorophenylalanine in diploid Aspergillus nidulans, lethal in haploids
pp 66-67

O. BEGEL and L. BELCOUR - Long term storage of Podospora anserina
pg 67

A. CABIBBO, E. SPORENO, G. MACINO and P. BALLARIO - CBM1, a Neurospora crassa genomic cosmid library in pAC3 and its use for walking on the right arm of linkage group VII
pp 68-70

 D.E.A. CATCHESIDE - The nomenclature of mts and cpc mutants of Neurospora

N.M. DuTEAU and J.F. LESLIE - A simple, rapid procedure for the isolation of DNA for PCR from Gibberella fujikuroi (Fusarium section Liseola)
pg 72

K. HOANG-VAN, C. ROSSIER and G. TURIAN - Construction of two Neurospora crassa Lambda ZapII-cDNA libraries
pp 73-74

B.C. LAMB and S. HELMI - Filtration-enrichment methods for selecting auxotrophs and other mutants in Ascobolus immersus and similar filamentous fungi.
pp 75-77

W. MACCHERONI, Jr., S.R.C. POMBEIRO, N.M. MARTINEZ-ROSSI and A. ROSSI - pH and acid phosphatase determinations after growth of Aspergillus nidulans on solid medium
(as a pdf file)
pp 78-79

J.M.B. MACEDO and J.L. AZEVEDO - Techniques for colonial growth and protoplast production in Humicola grisea var. thermoidea
pg 80

M.A. NOVENTA, J.A. JORGE and H.F. TERENZI - Role of the cell wall on the expression of osmotic-sensitive (os-1) and temperature-sensitive (cot-1) phenotypes of N. crassa. A comparative study on mycelial and wall-less phenotypes of the "slime" variant
pp 80-82

N.N. PANDIT and V.E.A. RUSSO - The bli regulon - a network of blue light inducible genes of N. crassa
pp 93-95

D.D. PERKINS - The first published scientific study of Neurospora, including a description of photoinduction of carotenoids
pp 64-65

D.D. PERKINS - Neurospora alcoy linkage tester stocks with group VII marked, and their use for mapping translocations
pg 83

D.D. PERKINS - Transfer of genes and translocations from Neurospora crassa to N. tetrasperma
pg 84

S. PIETSCHMANN, J. EBERLE, F.-R. LAUTER, N.N. PANDIT and V.E.A. RUSSO - Co-regulation of two tandem genes by one blue-light element in Neurospora crassa
pp 85-86

M. RICCI, D. KRAPPMANN and V.E.A. RUSSO - Nitrogen and carbon starvation regulate conidia and protoperithecia formation of Neurospora crassa grown on solid media
pp 87-88

A. SAINSARD-CHANET and O. BEGEL - Selection of a new auxotrophic mutant by transformation- mediated gene disruption in Podospora anserina
pg 89

C.P. SELITRENNIKOFF and M.S. SACHS - Lipofectin increases the efficiency of DNA-mediated transformation of Neurospora crassa
pp 90-91

M.L. SPRINGER - Tergitol-induced colonial growth without inhibition of conidiation
pg 92