Fungal Genetics Newsletter 37 (1990)

M.I. BORGES, M.O. AZEVEDO, R. BONATELLI, JR., M.S.S. FELIPE and S. ASTOLFI- FILHO - A practical method for the preparation of total DNA from filamentous fungi

J.H. CHALMERS, JR. - Chromogenic and fluorogenic substrates for assaying xylanases of Neurospora

V. CIFUENTES, C. MARTINEZ and G. PINCHEIRA - Presence of double stranded RNA in natural isolates of Pycnoporus cinnabarinus

V. CIFUENTES, C. MARTINEZ and G. PINCHEIRA - A method for the preparation of intact chromosomal DNA of Pycnoporus cinnabarinus

S.K. DUTTA and M. VERMA - Sequencing of the non-transcribed spacer region of the ribosomal RNA genes of Neurospora crassa

D. EBBOLE - Vectors for construction of translational fusions to ß-galactosidase

D. EBBOLE and M.S. SACHS - A rapid and simple method for isolation of Neurospora crassa homokaryons using microconidia

R. GEISEN - A simple procedure for the isolation of fungal DNA for dot blot analysis

H. INOUE and C. ISHII - Designation of newly identified mutagen-sensitive mutations in Neurospora crassa and their linkage data

K.M. LINDGREN, A. LICHENS-PARK, J.L. LOROS and J.C. DUNLAP - A quick RNA mini-prep for Neurospora mycelial cultures

K.D. MUNKRES - A rapid, easy and economical method for assay of drug resistance in Neurospora

K.D. MUNKRES - Histochemical detection of the secretion of superoxide radicals and hydrogen peroxide by age-1 mutants of Neurospora

K.D. MUNKRES - Bioassays of cyclic GMP or vitamin E

K.D. MUNKRES - A useful gel medium for Neurospora

D. NEWMEYER - Filtering small quantities of conidial suspensions to remove mycelial fragments

H. NINNEMANN - Modification by light of nitrite release and accumulation by Neurospora crassa

M.J. O'CONNELL, C.E.A. DOWZER and J.M. KELLY - The ribosomal repeat of Aspergillus niger and its effects on transformation frequency

D.D. PERKINS - A new report concerning nuclear DNA content and premeiotic DNA synthesis in fungi

D.D. PERKINS - New multicent linkage testers for centromere-linked genes and rearrangements in Neurospora

P.J. PUNT, P.A. GREAVES and C.A.M.J.J. VAN DEN HONDEL - Linkage mapping of the gpdA gene of Aspergillus nidulans

A. RADFORD and J.A. GLAZEBROOK - Tranformation of Neurospora pyr-4 with defective donor genes

J.A. ROPER and M. WALKER - wB1, a new white mutant of Aspergillus nidulans on linkage group VII

M.S. SACHS and D. EBBOLE - The use of lacZ gene fusions in Neurospora crassa

S. SANTOSA and H. KUWANA - Isolation and map location of a new acetate-requiring mutant, ace-9, of Neurospora crassa

N.K. SINGH, B.N. TIWARY and U. SINHA - Domain inhibition linked low activity of Phe-tRNA synthetase for para-fluorophenylalanine in a mutant of Aspergillus nidulans

D.Z. SKINNER and S.A. LEONG - A Lotus 1-2-3 macro system to analyze a cross of haploid individuals

V. SOKOLOVSKY, R. KALDENHOFF, M. RICCI and V.E.A. RUSSO - Fast and reliable mini-prep RNA extraction from Neurospora crassa

J.A. SWEIGARD, M.J. ORBACH, B. VALENT and F.G. CHUMLEY - A miniprep procedure for isolating genomic DNA from Magnoporthe grisea

H.F. TERENZI, R.C.L.R. PIETRO, M.L.T.M. POLIZELI and J.A. JORGE - Towards a reappraisal of the phenotype of the cell wall deficient fz;sg;os-1 ("slime") triple mutant of Neurospora crassa

B.C. TURNER - Geographical distribution of resistance to spore killer in N. crassa and N. intermedia

B.C. TURNER and A. FAIRFIELD - A putative fifth heterothallic species in Neurospora

C.H. WILSON - Map location of mea-1 in LG IL of N. crassa

C.H. WILSON - Cumulative author and subject indexes for articles from Neurospora Newsletter 1-32 (1962-1985).

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