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Papers submitted for Fungal Genetics Newsletter #36

Ballario, P., G. Morelli, E. Sporeno and G. Macino - Cosmids from the Vollmer-Yanofsky library identified with a chromosome VII probe.  pg 38

Bos, C.J. and C.G. Bos - A computer program for linkage analysis with up to 11 markers.  pg 39

Bronson, C.R. - Storage of ascocarps and ascospore progeny of Cochliobolus heterostrophus.  pg 40

Bronson, C.R., C-S. Chang and T-H. Tzeng - HAPMAP:  a computer program for the linkage analysis of haploids.  pg 41

Jorge, J.A., A.K. Cruz and H.F. Terenzi - An enzymatic defect in osmotic mutants of Neurospora crassa: lack of induction of NAD(P)ase activity during growth on casein.  pg 43

Kinsey, J. - A simple colony blot procedure for Neurospora.  pg 45

Kolmark, H.G. - Active ascospore discharge in Fusarium solani f. sp. pisi (Nectria haematococca MP VI).  pg 46

Maheshwari, R. - Asexual reproduction without a mycelial phase in Neurospora.  pg 48

Martinez-Rossi, N.M. and J.L. Azevedo - Additive effect involving a new locus of benomyl resistance in Aspergillus nidulans.  pg 50

Metzenberg, R.L. and J. Grotelueschen - Restriction polymorphism maps of Neurospora crassa:  update.  pg 51

Müller, B.T. and V.E.A. Russo - Nitrogen starvation or glucose limitation induces conidiation in constantly shaken liquid cultures of Neurospora crassa.  pg 58

Parekh, T. and H.S. Chhatpar - Regulation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase under salt-stress condition in Aspergillus sydowii.  pg 60

Perkins, D.D. - Visibly distinguishable albino alleles in Neurospora crassa.  pg 63

Perkins, D.D. and V.C. Pollard - Alternate fluffy testers for detecting and diagnosing chromosome rearrangements in Neurospora crassa.  pg 63

Perkins, D.D., B.C. Turner, V.C. Pollard and A. Fairfield - Neurospora strains incorporating fluffy, and their use as testers.  pg 64

Pietschmann, S.M., J. Eberle, T. Sommer and V.E.A. Russo - On the direction of transcription of cloned genes in Neurospora crassa.  pg 68

Radloff, R.J., S.R. Engel, C.E. Cords and T.I. Baker - The use of a nonradioactive probe in RFLP analysis of Neurospora crassa DNA.  pg 70

Schechtman, M.G. - Segregation patterns of Neurospora chromosome ends: mapping chromosome tips.  pg 71

Schroeder, A.L., M.F. Lavin and S. Bohnet - Topoisomerase activity assays in Neurospora.  pg 73

Selker, E., E. Cambareri, P. Garrett, B. Jensen, K. Haack, E. Foss, C. Turpen, M. Singer and J. Kinsey - Use of RIP to inactivate genes in Neurospora crassa.  pg 76

Springer, M.L. - An effective procedure for the preparation of Neurospora conidiophores for scanning electron microscopy.  pg 78

Staben, C., B. Jensen, M. Singer, J. Pollock, M. Schechtman, J. Kinsey and E. Selker - Use of a bacterial hygromycin B resistance gene as a dominant selectable marker in Neurospora crassa transformation.  pg 79

One-liners.  pg 82

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