Table of Contents

Akins, R.A., A.R. Kubelik and A.M.. Lambowitz - Map of Plasmid pRAL1. pg 22

Chambers, J.A.A. and V.E.A. Russo - Isolating RNA is easy and fun. pg 22

Debets, A.J.M. and C.J. Bos - Isolation of small protoplasts from Aspergillus niger. pg 24

Hasunuma, K., K. Tomita, K. Mitsouka, Y. Shinohara and T. Nakamura - A method to analyze the mode of action of hormones using conidiation rhythm of Neurospora. pg 25

Kafer, E. - ssbA, a suppressor of sbA in stock strains of Aspergillus nidulans. pg 27

Kimura, M., N. Osawa, C. Ishii and H. Inoue - Construction of testers for reversion assay. pg 28

Kiss, A.M., M. Schablik, A. Zsindely and G. Szabo - Characterization of a slow growing inl+ revertant Neurospora crassa strain. pg 29

Koch, J. and I.B. Barthelmess - Are the cpc-1 and mts-1 mutations of Neurospora allelic? pg 30

Leach, J., D.B. Finkelstein and J.A. Rambosek - Rapid miniprep of DNA from filamentous fungi. pg 32

Perkins, D.D. - col-3: colonial-3 is an allele of bn: button in Neurospora. pg 33

Perkins, D.D. - ro-9: ropy-9 (R2526) is apparently an allele of da: dapple (R2375) in Neurospora. pg 34

Perkins, D.D. - Hints and precautions for the care, feeding and breeding of Neurospora. pg 35

Perkins, D.D. and V.C. Pollard - Linear growth rates of strains representing 10 Neurospora species. pg 41

Scharf, C. and B.L. Seidel - Computer analysis of N. crassa growth curves. pg 43

Schechtman, M. - A moderate-scale DNA prep for Neurospora. pg 45

Veenhuizen, S. and H.G. Kolmark - A clue to the cause of acquired female sterility in fluffy mutant strains of Neurospora crassa. pg 46

Wilson, C. - FGSC culture preservation methods. pg 47

Contributions from the Fungal Genetics Stock Center:

Barratt, R.W. - Stocks from Tatum Neurospora Collection. pg 49