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Research Notes:

Increased activity of the first two enzymes of tryptophan biosynthesis
Carsiotis, M., A.M. Lacy and D.B. Fanhauser. NN 8:3

Decreased activity of all tryptophan biosynthetic enzymes due to zinc deficiency
Carsiotis, M. and A.M. Meyers. NN 8:3

Radiation inactivation analysis of amino acid transport systems in Neurospora crassa
DeBusk, B.G., J. Mallon and A.G. DeBusk. NN 8:3

Glyoxylate cycle mutants in Neurospora
Flavell, R.B. NN 8:4

Acriflavin resistance controlled by chromosomal genes in Neurospora
Hsu, K.S. NN 8:4-6

Indole excretion by revertants derived from indole-accumulating tryp-3 (td) mutants
Jha, K.K. NN 8:6

Ureaseless mutants in Neurospora crassa
Kolmark, H.G. NN 8:6-7

Elucidation of "inositol-less death"
Matile, P. NN 8:7

Suppression of pyr-3 mutants by arg-12 mutants
McDougall, K.J. and V.W. Woodward. NN 8:8

Acetyl-ornithine transaminase in Neurospora
Morgan, D.H. NN 8:8

Arginine transport in Neurospora conidia
Roess, W.B. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 8:8-9

Alternate forms of cytochrome c in the mi-1 (poky) mutant of Neurospora crassa
Scott, W.A. and H.K. Mitchell. NN 8:9-10

Technical Notes:

Analysis of free proteinogenic intracellular amino acids of Neurospora by ion exchange chromatography
Aurich, H. NN 8:11

The extraction, partial purification and assay of anthranilic synthetase from Neurospora crassa
Catcheside, D.E.A. NN 8:11-12

Growth, extraction and assay methods for the enzymes ornithine transcarbamylase, aspartate transcarbamylase and carbamyl phosphokinase from Neurospora
Davis, R.H. NN 8:12-14

Assay of proteolytic enzyme(s) from Neurospora crassa
Drysdale, R.B. and M. Fling. NN 8:14-15

An efficient grinder for ascospores and mycelium
Eilers, F.I. and G. Fischer. NN 8:15

Methods used for protein extraction
Flavin, M. and C. Slaughter. NN 8:15

Methods of making enzyme extracts and amino acid pool extracts from Neurospora grown on solid media
Gillie, O.J. NN 8:16

Induction of tyrosinase by lactose in Neurospora crassa
Hedman, S.C, W.K. Bates and D.O. Woodward. NN 8:16-17

Assays for aspartate and ornithine transcarbamylase by means of the pH-stat
Hill, J.M. and V.W. Woodward. NN 8:17

A recipe for the crystallization of enzymes
Jakoby, W.B. NN 8:17-18

Determination of hexokinase and other enzymes which possibly phosphorylate fructose in Neurospora crassa
Klingmuller, W. and H.G. Truper. NN 8:18-19

An assay procedure for Neurospora malate deydrogenase
Munkres, K.D. NN 8:19-20

A method for detection of catalase mutants
Olsson, L. and H.G. Kolmark. NN 8:20

A simple method for the induction of high levels of tyrosinase activity
Pall, M.L., G. Horn, M. Fling and N.H. Horowitz. NN 8:20

A more efficient procedure for scoring mating type and aberrations
Taylor, C.W. NN 8:21

Concentration of chromatographic effluent for gel electrophoresis
Tsao, M.U. and M.W. Smith. NN 8:21

An assay for argininosuccinate synthetase in Neurospora
Wampler, D.E. and J.L. Fairley. NN 8:21-22

Notes on Nomenclature and Origin of Neurospora Stocks:

Neurospora genetic nomenclature
Barratt, R.W. and D.D. Perkins. NN 8:23-24

Further information on the origin of the Yale and Oak Ridge wild-type strains of Neurospora crassa
Case, M.E., H.E. Brockman and F.J. de Serres. NN 8:25-26

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