Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Response to fluorophenylalanine by sensitive and resistant strains of Neurospora crassa
DeBusk, B.G. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 7:3

The distribution of nuclei in condia of cultures having different average numbers of nuclei
Pittenger, T.H. NN 7:4-5

Sexual reproduction of Neurospora in nature
Prakash, V. NN 7:5-6

Technical Notes:

Notes on the use of micrconidiating strains in mutation experiments
Baylis, J.R. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 7:7

Actidione resistance: a forward mutation technique and its application for mosaic analysis
Baylis, J.R. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 7:8

Use of Lexan Petri-type long dishes instead of growth tubes for "clock" mutants
Berliner, M.D. and P.W. Neurath. NN 7:9

Isotope labeling of Neurospora DNA
Dutta, S.K., W. McWhorter and V.W. Woodward. NN 7:9-11

Regeneration of uninucleate protoplasts: a potential method for determining nuclear ratios
Galsworthy, S.B. and R.L. Metzenberg. NN 7:11-12

Induction of microconidiation and macroconidiation on the same Neurospora stock
Grigg, G.W. NN 7:12-13

Determination of nuclear ratios of micrconidial strains
Grigg, G.W. NN 7:13-14

Notes on competitive suppression and mutation assay
Grigg, G.W. NN 7:14-15

Notes on phen-I mutants
Jha, K.K. NN 7:15-18

Nitrous acid-induced inactivation and mutagenesis in Neurospora
Klingmuller, W. and F. Kaudewitz. NN 7:18-22

Storage of Neurospora spores and cultures in a sucrose solution
Lewis, R.W. NN 7:22

Use of spectrophotometry for desription of conidia color
Nagai, S. NN 7:22

Inositol-less death recombination technique
Roess, W.B. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 7:22-23

Fiber glass loops for rapid manipulation of Neurospora ascospores
Totten, R.E. and H.B. Howe, Jr. NN:23-24

Metabolism and conidiation in Neurospora crassa
Turian, G. NN:24-25

Method for in vivo observation of karyokinesis of the somatic nucleus of Neurospora and Gelasinospora species
Weijer, J. NN 7:25

Feulgen staining of somatic nuclei of N. crassa
Weijer, J. NN 7:25-26

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