Table of Contents

Research Notes:

A study of the lys-3 locus in Neurospora crassa
Ahmad, M. NN 6:5

Autoradiographic determination of the location of radioactivity in asci grown on some tritiated pyrimidines
Baer, D. and P. St. Lawrence. NN 6:5-6

Viability of microconidia
Barratt, R.W. NN 6:6-7

Effect of nitrogen source and pH on the growth of a glutamine requiring strain (glm)
Barratt, R.W. and W.N. Ogata. NN 6:7-10

A new allele at the spray locus
Bürk, R.R. NN 6:11

Germination of certain genotypes in response to furfural
Cooke, F. NN 6:11-12

A phenylalanine permease system in Neurospora crassa
DeBusk, BG. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 6:12-13

The alteration of a complementation pattern among pyr-3 mutants of Neurospora
Dutta, S.K. and V.W. Woodward. NN 6:13

Suppression of pyr-3 mutants of Neurospora
McDougall, K.J. and V.W. Woodward. NN 6:14

Growth and allelism of arg-11 and adg
Newmeyer, D. NN 6:14-15

Are acridines mutagenic for Neurospora?
Reissig, J.L. NN 6:16

Technical Notes:

Isolation of DNA from Neurospora
Brandt, E.E. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 6:17

Brief comments on heterocaryosis and crossing methods
Catcheside, D.G. NN 6:17-18

Grinding of lyophilized mycelial pads
Fankhauser, D.B. NN 6:18

The detection of irreparable mutants in Neurospora
Kilbey, B.J. NN 6:18-19

Analysis of progeny from interallelic crosses
Lacy, A.M. NN 6:19-20

Attempts to increase fertility in interallelic crosses
Lacy, A.M. NN 6:20-21

Multiple interchange stocks for linkage detection
Perkins, D.D. NN 6:22

Crossing techniques for large numbers of isolates
Pittenger, T.H. NN 6:23

Conidial plating techniques and the determination of nuclear ratios in heterokaryotic cultures
Pittenger, T.H. NN 6:23-26

Formation of heterokaryons by fusion of isolated hyphal tips on solid medium in petri plates
Srb, A.M. and Sister A.M. Infanger. NN 6:26

Linkage Data:

The location of i, enhancer of am
Bürk, R.R. NN 6:27

Perkins, D.D. NN 6:27

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