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Obituary - Francis J. Ryan - by David M. Banner

Research Notes:

Lethality of Neurospora arginine mutants associated with a factor from wild type
Davis, R.H. NN 4:5

Genetic nature of the slime variant of Neurospora crassa
Emerson, S. NN 4:5-6

Multispored Asci in Neurospora crassa
Frost, L.C. and A.D. Greenhill. NN 4:6-7

Nonconidiation in the new homothallic species, Neurospora terricola
Howe, H. B., Jr. and J. E. Page. NN 4:7

A modifier of the morphological mutant scumbo in Neurospora crassa
Hsu, K.S. NN 4:7-9

Sorbose resistant mutants in Neurospora crassa
Klingmüller, W. and F. Kaudewitz. NN 4:9

Altered phenotype of phen
Newmeyer, D. NN 4:10

Changes in cross-over frequency in Neurospora crassa mediated by chelating agents
Prakash,V. NN 4:10-14

Effect of ultrasonication on selected enzymes from Neurospora crassa mycelia
Stine, G.J. NN 4:14-15

Multiple forms of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase of Neurospora crassa
Tsao, MU. and M.W. Smith. NN 4:16

Technical Notes:

Rapid production of Neurospora hyphae
Bradford, S.W. and B.I. Gibgot. NN 4:17-19

A convenient design of growth tube
Brown, I.R. and O.J. Gillie. NN 4:19

The use of heterocaryons in the maintenance of slime stocks of Neurospora crassa, and a method for the re-isolation of slime from heterocaryons
Emerson, S. NN 4:19-20

Rapid localization of proteins in chromatographic eluates
Fox, D.J. and D. Boulter. NN 4:20

The separation of malic dehydrogenase isoenzymes of Neurospora crassa by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
Laycock, MV., H.G. Kolmark and D. Boulter. NN 4:20-25

Perithecial production - use of non-absorbant cotton
Prakash, V. NN 4:25

Linkage Data:

New markers and linkage data
Perkins, D.D. and N.E. Murray. NN 4:26-27

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