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Research Notes:

Histidinol dehydrogenase from Neurospora crassa
Creaser, E.H. and R.B. Drysdale. NN 3:3

Recessive lethal mutations resulting from deletion of closely linked loci in balanced heterokaryons of Neurospora crassa
de Serres, F.J. and B.B. Webber. NN 3:3-5

Irreparable mutants in Neurospora
Horowitz, N.H. NN 3:5

A system to test for non-random disjunction
Suzuki, D.T. NN 3:5-6

Technical Notes:

Isolation of high molecular weight DNA from Neurospora
Barnett, W., Edgar, C.J., Wust, A. Gib DeBusk and D. Frazier. NN 3:7

Procedure for filtration-concentration experiments
Case, Mary. NN 3:7-8

Large scale culture of Neurospora
Fling, M., N.H. Horowitz, and H. MacLeod. NN 3:8

A rapid assay for tyrosinase activity
Fuscaldo, K.E., W.K. Kaczmarczyk and V.G. Del Vecchio. NN 3:9

Growing Neurospora colonies attached to a glass surface in liquid medium
Klingmüller, W. NN 3:9-10

Cross-feeding experiments to test for biological activity
Nelson, N. NN 3:10

Random ascospore isolation
Prakash, V. NN 3:10-11

Spore isolation in order (Tetrad Dissection)
Prakash, V. NN 3:11-12

Constuction of multiple centromere marker strains in Neurospora crassa
Prakash, V. NN 3:12-14

Linkage Data:

Mapping a tyrosinaseless mutant of Neurospora
Walker, P.A. NN 3:15

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