Table of Contents

Teaching Note:

A simple recombination system for teaching
Griffiths, A.J.F. NN 28:6

Research Notes:

"E-like" ascospore excision mutants in Neurosporatetraspermaresistant to either p-DL-fluorophenylalanine or methyl benzimidazol-l-y1 carbamate
Ardizzi, J.P. and A.M. NN 28:6

Folylpolyglutamate synthesis in a auxotroph of Neurospora crassa
Chan, P.Y. and E.A. Cossins NN28:6-8

Derepression of tyrosinase by sexual stimulation
Cruz, A.K. and H.F. NN 28:8-10

Unstable dTMP auxotrophs in Neurospora crassa
DeLange, A.M. and N.C. Mishra NN 28:10-11

Further properties of the i (en-am-1) mutant
Fincham, J.R.S. NN 28:11

A response to a letter from David Perkins concerning the question of whether nt mutants involve tryptophan pyrrolase
Gaertner, F.A. NN 28:12

Induction of circadian conidiation by rubidium chloride
Gall, A. and G. Lysek NN 28:13

Germination of microconidia from selected Neurospora strains
Hedman, S.C. and S. Vanderschmidt NN 28:14

Characterization of glycospingolipids in Neurospora crassa
Maggese, M.C., E. Gras and H.N. Torres NN 28:14-16

Light-induced cyanide-insensitive respiration in wild type Neurospora crassa
Noemi, L. and H. Ninnemann NN 28:16

Effect of light on perithecial production in homothallic Neurospora species
Raju, N.B. NN 28:16-17

A new allele of csp-2 which does not complement csp-1
Selitrennikoff, C.P. NN 28:17

A system for studying aneuploid production in Neurospora crassa
Smith, B.R. and M.E. Yorston NN 28:17-18

Temperature-sensitive mutants
Stadler, D. NN 28:18-19

Technical Notes:

A simple rack for race tubes
Mattern, D.L. NN 28:20

An easy method for preparing Neurospora DNA
Metzenberg, R.L. and T.J. Baisch NN 28:20-21

Sordaria Research Note:

Mutagenicity of 4-nitroquinoline l-oxide and three hair dyw components in Sordaria brevicollis
Yu-Sun, C.C., L.A. Carter, L. Sandoval and A. Thompson NN 28:22

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