Neurospora Newsletter # 27, 1980

Research Notes

Resistance to surface active drugs of wild type strains and newly isolated mutants of Neurospora crassa.
Al-Saqur, A. and B.R. Smith NN 27:16

Surfactant resistance in natural Neurospora populations.
Al-Saqur, A. and B.R. Smith NN 27:17

The i phenotype of Neurospora crassa.
Chambers, J.A.A. NN 27:17

UV-induced inactivation and mutation-induction in a new two-component heterokaryon (59) homozygous for the excision-repair deficient mutant uvs-2.
de Serres, F.J. and N.J. Berheim NN 27:18

Comparison of nuclear DNA with whole cell DNA isolated from Neurospora
Dutta, S.K., I. Gbadamosi, C. Chambers and D.K. Mukhopadhyay NN 27:18

A Neurospora mutant resistant-to 2 deoxy-D-glucose.
Eberhart, B. NN 27:19

Amylose in Neurospora.
McCracken, D.A., P.J. Varkey and W.M. Rutherford. NN 27:2O

DNA homologies of ribosomal RNA genes of Neurospora species.
Mukhopadhyay, O.K., R. Mimko and S.K. Dutta. NN 27:20

Possible natural cytoplasmic variants of N. intermedia.
Reick, A. and A.J.F. Griffiths. NN 27:21

Cellobiose-induced B-galactosidase and B-glucosidase activities of Neurospora crassa.
Russell, P.J. and G.B. Perry. NN 27:22

Factor(s) in the culture medium of a slime strain which stimulate DNA uptake.
Schablik, M., B. Kocsar and G. Szabo. NN 27:23

Effects of qlucagon on the growth of Neurospora.
Sturani,L., E. Martegani and M. Francavilla. NN 27:25

Uptake of bacteriophaes by Neurospora crassa during heterocaryosis.
Teifei, J. and W. Klingmuller. NN 27:26

Technical Notes

Purification of Neurospora myo-inositol-l-phosphate synthase by affinity chromatography.
Aradi, J., A. Zsindely, A. Kiss and M. Schablik. NN 27:27

Improved techniques for assayinq protein concentration in geminating Neurospora conidia.
Christensen, R.L., D. Wolens and J.C. Schmit. NN 27:28

Sex hormones in Neurospora crassa. Spectrophotometric analysis cf the hormonal extracts of female sterile strains.
Islam, MS. and A. Nessa. NN 27:29

Effect of microwave radiation on conidial activity.
Rodland,K. and P.J. Russell. NN 27:29

A convenient method for the storage and cultivation of slime.
Sebc, T.J. and J.C. Schmit. NN 27:30

A solid-reagent dispenser for use in the azocoll protease assay (and other insoluble substrate analyses).
Spady, G.E., J.R. Gresham, S.C. Simmons and F.H. Gaertner. NN 27:31

Nuclear density determination and the purification of wild type Neurospora nuclei using Percoll gradients.
Talbot, K. and P.J. Russell. NN 27:32

Efficient transformation of germinating Neurospora conidia using total nuclear DNA fragments.
Wootten, J.C., M.J. Fraser and A.J. Baron. NN 27:33

Linkage Data

A more precise mapping of trp-5 in Neurospora crassa
Ahmad, M. and S. Hoque. NN 27:34

Map location of ace-5.
Kuwana, H. and M. Miyana. NN 27:34

Location of ser-4 near arg-2 on linkage group IV.
Maxwell, J., R. Bleeck, S. Growther, M. Neal, T. Parker and L. Winikur NN 27:35


Notes on the genetics of Endothia parasitica.
Anagostakis, S.L. NN 27:36

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