Neurospora Newsletter # 26

Host-Vector Systems in Eukaryote Microorganisms
Editors Note NN26:6-8

New Mutants and Stocks

cpl-1: A Neurospora mutant sensitive to chlaromphenicol
Chalmers, J.H and P St.Lawrence NN 26:8

A new, highly fertile microconidiating combination, dingy, fluffy
Perkins, D.D NN 26:9

Additional special purpose stocks
Perkins, D.D and M Bjorkman NN 26:9

Mutants with increased sensitivity to caffeine
Yoder.O.C. NN 26:11

Guanine-requiring mutants
Yoder, O.C- NN 26:11

Teaching Notes

A Neurospora experiment for on introductory biology course
Griffiths, AJF. NN 26:12

Research Notes

"In situ" changes in enzyme activity during Neurospora conidial germination.
Christensen, R.L and J.C Schmit. NN 26:13

Incorporation and degradation of lignoceric acid in cel
Friedman, K.J and D Glick. NN 26:13

A search for position effects in Neurospora
Johnson, TE. NN 26:14

Wild Neurospora isolated from soil
Palanivelu, P. and R Maheshwari. NN 26:15

Cyclic AMP deficiency, modifier-mutations, and instability of the cr-1 phenotype
Said, S and HF Terenzi. NN 26:15-16

The effect of polyethylene glycol upon DNA uptake in Neurospora crassa.
Schablik, M., Zs Feher, A Zsindeley and G Szabo. NN 26:17

Effect of copper and manganese on free amino acid content of Neurospora crassa
Subramanyam, C and G Venkateswerlu. NN 26:18

Technical Notes

Protoplasts from Neurospora crassa .
Asteribbe, E. NN 26:19

An improved glycerol minimal medium
Charlang, G.W. NN 26:20

Fluorescent staining of Neurospora nuclei with DAPI
Martegani, E. and F. Trezzi. NN 26:20

A new culture method for biochemical studies of the circadian clock
Perlman, J. and J.F Feldman. NN 26:21

Semi-quantitative analysis of protease activity
Rigby, DJ., T.J Balls and A Radford. NN 26:21

Isolation of ribosomes from Neurospora and their analysis using a vertical rotor
Tublitz, N., D. Foster and P.J Russell. NN 26:22

Experience with the Applegate-Nelson-Metzenberg method of mutant enrichment in high sorbose medium
Yoder, O.C- NN 26:23

Methods for Stock Preservation

Survival of Neurospora conidia on silica gel
Catcheside, D.E.A and D.G Catcheside. NN 26:24-25

Cryopreservation of slime mutants of Neurospora crassa
Jong, S.C and EE Davis. NN 26:26

Preservation of Neurospora stock cultures with the silica gel method for extended periods of time
Kolmark, H.G. NN 26:23

Preservation of Neurospora conidia with silica gel
Smith, B.R. NN 26:27

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