Table of Contents

Gene-enzyme Correlations in Neurospora
Radford, A. NN 25:11-12

Technical Notes:

Procedure for preparing individual asci of Neurospora for electron microscopy
Basl, M. and A.M. Srb. NN 25:13

Perithecial submersion: a method for detecting the effect of compounds on ascus development
Burk, A.G. and A. Srb. NN 25:13-14

A method for obtaining high specific activity radioactive extracts from perithecia
Johnson, T.E. NN 25:14-15

A method for isolating large quantities of perithecia
Johnson, T.E. NN 25:15

A convenient method for the isolation of crude nuclear pellets
Krumlauf, R. and G.A. Marzluf. NN 25:15-16

Storage of slime strain
Selitrennikoff, C. P. NN 25:16

A method for labeling DNA in vitro using nicked translation
Krumlauf, R. and C.A. Marzluf. NN 25:16

Microelectrophoresis of extracts from single perithecia
Nasrrallah, J.B. and A.M. Srb. NN 25:16-17

A rapid extraction method for mycelial organelles
Wilson, J.F. and W.K. Bates. NN 25:17

Mutant enrichment by filtration concentration: a variation for the selection of temperature-conditional heterocaryons
Applegate, P.J., R.E. Nelson and R. L. Metzenberg. NN 25:17

Research Notes:

A pleiotropic mutation in Neurospora conferring sensitivity of analogues of amino acids, purines and pyrimidines
Catcheside, D.E.A. NN 25:17-18

Fatty acid composition of Neurospora plasma membrane
Friedman, K .J. and D. Glick. NN 25:18

Sensitivity to methyl-methane sulfonate (MMS) in Neurospora
Käfer, E. NN 25:19

Phosphate-mediated control of polyphosphate in Neurospora crassa
Majmudar, G.H., A.M. Dandekor and A.K. Mattoo. NN 25:20

Allelism of ser (JBM5) and ser-3 on linkage group I
Maxwell, J.B., J. Anesi, S. Cadwe , V. Coffman, R. Hoefke, R. Nolan, T. Paker and D. Toon. NN 25:20

Lack of RNase-sensitive RNA-dependent DNA polymerase activity in the nuclear fraction of Neurospora crassa 74A
Mukhopadhyay, D., N. Williams and S.K. Dutta. NN 25:21

Dependence on ribosome production on protein sythesis
Russell, P. J. and E.A. Hall. NN 25:21

Difference between transformed and spontaneous revertant strains of Neurospora crassa
Schablik, M., A. Zsindely, J. Aradi, Zs. Fekete and G. Szabó. NN 25:22

Detection and identification of myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase and its assumed defective variant in different Neurospora crassa strains by immunological methods
Zsindely, A., M. Szabolcs, M. Kavai, M. Schablik, J. Aradi and G. Szabó. NN 25:22-23

New Mutants:

A temperature-sensitive morphological mutant present in Beadle-Tatum and Rockefeller-Lindegren “wild-type” stocks and their derivatives
Perkins, D.D. and M. Bjorkman. NN 25:24-25

New mutants and wild type standard reference strains of Neurospora intermedia
Shew, H.W. NN 25:25


Four mitochondrial loci in Podospora anserina
Belcour, L ., 0. Begel, F. Duchiron and P. Lecomte. NN 25:26-27

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