Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Growth inhibition by DMSO
Aiuto, R. and A.S. Sussman. NN 23:15

Glycine stimulates polyglutamyl folate synthesis
Cossins, E.A. and P.Y. Chan. NN 23:15-16

Light effects on circadian rhythm
Hirshon, J. and S.T. Mckenna. NN 23:16-17

UV-light effects on circadian rhythm
West, D. J. NN 23:17-18

Effects of glycosidases and periodate on glycoprotein NAD(P)ase
Urey, J.C. and D.B. Smith. NN 23:18-19

Response of slime strains to concanavalin A
Terenzi, H.F., M.M. Flawia and H.N. Torres. NN 23:19-21

Activation of exonuclease by endogenous proteases
Fraser, M.J. NN 23:21

Rates of RNA and protein synthesis in cold-sensitive mutant
Russell, P.J. and S.C. Schlitt. NN 23:21-23

Linkage Data and Stocks:

Map location of rec-1 in N. crassa
Catcheride, D.E.A. NN 23:23

Easily-wettable, a new mutant
Selitrennikoff, C. P. NN 23:23

Dominance of wild-type allele of cyh-1
Turner, B.C. NN 23:24

Preliminary characterization of six I-IV translocations and their intercrosses
Kowles, R.V. and R.L. Phillips. NN 23:24-25

Phenocopies of Neurospora mutants induced by biotin deficiency
Geng, A.M. and A.M. Srb. NN 23:25-26


Loss of cytoplasmic determinant through formation of protoplasts in Podospora
Belcour, L. NN 23:26-27


A method for selecting linked markers in Sordaria brevicollis
Wickramaratne, M.R.T. NN 23:27-28

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