Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Fructosediphosphatase of N. crassa
Reinert, W.R. and G.A. Marzluf. NN 21:16

Evidence for two types of 18S rRNA
Stack, J. and Y. Suyama. NN 21:16-17

Conidial germination in sconc
Schmit, J.C., M. Cohen and S. Brody. NN 21:17-18

Electrophoretic analysis of rhythmic morphological mutants
Russell, P.J. and J.D. Hewitt. NN 21:18-19

Mutations affecting perithecial and spore pigmentation
Johnson, T. E. NN 21:19-20

Toxicity of antibiotics and other drugs for Neurospora
Chalmers, J.H. NN 21:20-21

Methods for Teaching:

Use of conidial separation-defective strains
Selitrennikoff, C.P. NN 21:22

A simple classroom complementation experiment
Selitrennikoff, C.P. and M. Bailey. NN 21:22

Pedagogical Note:

Simple explanation for 66.7% limiting values in tetrad analysis
Millington-Ward, A.M. NN 21:22

Linkage Data and Notes on Stocks:

Linkage data on new ser mutants; new locus, ser-5
Maxwell, J.B., F. Kline and R.S. Bengtson. NN 21:23

Change in nomenclature of sorbose-resistant mutants
Radford, A. NN 21:23

Gene order in linkage group V
Catcheside, D.E.A. NN 21:24

New isogenic wild types in N. crassa
Mylyk, O.M., E.G. Barry and D.R. Galeazzi. NN 21:24

Osmotic mutants
Perkins, D.D. NN 21:25

Note on Yale osmotic stocks
Mays, L. L. and R.W. Barratt. NN 21:25-26

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