Table of Contents

Neurospora and the beginnings of molecular genetics
Horowitz, N.H. NN 20:4-6

Neurospora crassa and genetics
Catcheside, D.G.  NN 20:6-8

Beadle and Neurospora, Some Recollections
Srb, A.M.  NN 20:8-9

Bernard Ogilvie Dodge 1872-1960
Robbins, W.J.  NN 20:10-12

Comments on Bernard O. Dodge
Beadle, G.W.  NN 20:13

Reminiscences of B.O. Dodge and the beginnings of Neurospora
Lindegren, C.C.  NN 20:13-14

Research Notes

Revertibility of me-1 alleles
Aiuto, R., L.MacPhail and C.A.Hall NN 20:15

Inhibition of ribosomal RNA synthesis
Alberghina, F.A.M. and E. Sturani NN 20:15

Pyruvate carboxylase and suc mutants
Beever, R.E.  NN 20:15-16

Effect of Benomyl on growth
Borck,K.S. and H.D.Braymer  NN 20:16-17

Electrophoretic variants of L-amino acid oxidase
Chan, W. L. and C.C.Ho  NN 20:17-18

Tyrocidin inhibition: effect of Tween 80 and conidial density
Charlang, G.W. and N. H. Horowitz  NN 20:18-19

Repeated DNA sequences in Neurospora species
Dutta, S.K. and R. E. Schwartz  NN 20:19

A new -glucosidase
Eberhart, B.M. and B.S. Madden  NN 20:19-20

Circadian periodicity in acu mutants
Halaban, R. and J.F.Feldman  NN 20:20

Cyclic-AMP, conidiation and photoinduced carotenoid biosynthesis
Harding, R. W.  NN 20:20-21

NADase levels in various strains
Hochberg, M.L. and M.L.Sargent  NN 20:21

NH2-Terminal analysis of conidial proteins
Jervis, H.H. and A.G. DeBusk  NN 20:22-21

Back mutation rate in homo-allelic crosses of asco
Klingmuller, W. and P. Rapp  NN 20:22

Valine sensitivity in N. crassa
Kuwana, H.  NN 20:22-23

Adaptation to temperature extremes
Matthews, W.A. and B.C. Lamb  NN 20:23-24

Mutations affecting glycogen accumulation
Morales, M.A., A. J. Jobaggy and H. F. Terenzi  NN 20:24-25

Regulatory mutants excreting lysine, histidine and methionine
Prakash, V.  NN 20:25-26

Synthesis of polyglutamate forms of folate
Ritari,S.J., W. Sakami, C.W. Black and J. Rzepka  NN 20:26-27

Genes specifying folylpolyglutamate synthases
Ritari, S.J., W. Sokami and C.W. Black  NN 20:27

DNA uptake by N. crassa
Szabo, G. and M. Schablik  NN 20:27-28

Isocitrate lyase-2 from N. crassa
Rougemont, A. and M.J. Kobr NN 20:28-29

Esterase polymorphism in Neurospora
Sagarra, E.  NN 20:29

Localization of ornithine aminotransferase in mitochondria
Tsai, J.H.J. and H. Tsai  NN 20:29-30

Influence of environmental factors on recombination
Wickramaratne, M.R.T. and B.C. Lamb  NN 20:30

Technical Notes

Measurement of logarithmic growth
Colvin, H.J. and K.D. Munkres  NN 20:31-32

Method for freezing slime
Creighton, M. D. and J. R. Trevithick  NN 20:32

Clear films for UV mutation experiments
Griffiths, A.J.F. and B.Sivak  NN 20:32

Adjustable platforms for collecting shot asci
Newcombe, K.D. and A. J. F. Griffiths  NN 20:32-33

Preservation of vegetative stocks by freezing

Perkins, D.D.  NN 20:33

cr sn: significance of macroconidiation for mutant hunts
Nelson, R. E., T. Chandler and C. P. Selitrennikoff  NN 20:33-34

Screening technique for macroconidiation mutants
Selitrennikoff, C. P. and R. E. Nelson  NN 20:34

Storage of ascospores in water
Smith, B.R.  NN 20:34

Rehydrating ascospores to improve germination
Strickland, W.N. and D. D. Perkins  NN 20:34-35

NTG mutagenesis
Westrum, F.M. and N. V. Vigfusson  NN 20:35

Determination of phosphorous in extracts
Kulaev, I.S. and V.I. Melgunov  NN 20:35-36

Preservation of amycelial-aconidial Neurospora cultures using anhydrous silica gel
Ogata, W.N.  NN 20:36

Pedagogical Note

Simple explanation for limiting values in tetrad analysis
Griffiths, A. J. F. and C.O. Person NN 20:37

Note on Nomenclature

Proposal regarding gene symbols
Perkins, D.D. and R.W. Barratt NN 20:38

Notes on Stocks

New acr mutants and a gene affecting conidiation
Hsu, K. S.  NN 20:39

Synthesis of two-chromosome double interchanges
Kowles, R.  NN 20:39-40

Additional special-purpose stocks
Perkins, D.D.  NN 20:40

Reference strains of N. intermedia
Perkins,D.D. and B. C. Turner  NN 20:41-42

Linkage Data

New Linkage data for group V markers
Catcheside, D.E.A  NN 20:43-44

New markers and linkage data
Perkins, D.D., M.R. Smith and D.R. Galeazzi  NN 20:45-48

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