Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Cytidylytransferases in chol and wild type strains
Radominska-Pyrek, A., et al. NN 18:3-4

Serine-induced formation of aerial hyphae and conidia
Louie, S., A. Chan and G. Sojka. NN 18:4-5

Pyruvate kinase conformational changes induced by Tris buffer
Kapoor, M. NN 18:5-6

Characterization of DNA's from several Neurospora species
Dutta, S. and P.K. Chakrabartty. NN 18:6-7

Dominance modification
Russel, P.J. and A.M. Srb. NN 18:7-8

Effect of mammalian sex hormones
Vigfusson, N.V. and R.J. Cano. NN 18:8

Isozyme variation in natural populations
Reddy, M.M. and S.F.H. Threlkeld. NN 18:8

Blasticidin S: an inhibitor of protein synthesis
Pall, M.L. NN 18:9

RNA content and growth rate
A1berghina, F.A.M. and E. Sturani. NN 18:9-10

Synaptonemal complexes in Neurospora
Gillies, C.B. NN 18:10

Evidence for spindle apparatus in somatic nuclei
Van Winkle, W.B. NN 18:10

Technical Notes:

Optimal light for conidiation
Koski, E.M. and S.C. Hedman. NN 18:11

Screening for female-sterile mutants
Bhattacharya, L. and J.F. Feldman. NN 18:11

Conidiating colonial strains suitable for replication
Perkins, D.D. NN 18:12

Mating type tests on plates with wild type testers
Feldman, J.F., and M.N. Hoyle. NN 18:12

Efficient method for 32P labeling of conidial DNA
Mandisodza, M.T. and S.K. Dutta. NN 18:12

Ascospore-viability on glass spreaders treated with alcohol
Newmeyer, D. NN 18:13

Specific selection of temperature-sensitive mutants
Sullivan, J.L. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 18:13

Linkage Data:

Gene order in albino region of LGI
Perkins, D.D. NN 18:14-15

Production of mutations in the white-spore strain
Wang, S.S., J.M. Magill and R.L. Phillips. NN 18:16-17


Phosphorous content and rhythmic growth
Lysek, G. and T. Bornefeld. NN 18:18

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