Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Arginase-less mutants
Davis, R.H. NN 15:3

A new carotenoid mutant
Catchside, D.E.A. NN 15:3-4

Ubiquinone in mitochondria of cytoplasmic mutants
Drabikowska, A.K. and A. Kruszewska. NN 15:4

Supersuppressors in N. crassa
Seale, T., M. Case and R. W. Barratt. NN 15:5

Variation within genus Neurospora of properties and control of aryl sulfatase
Metzenberg, R.L. and S.K. Algren. NN 15:6

Cytoplasmic contribution to protoperithecium formation
Itoh, T. and K. Morishita. NN 15:6-7

Technical Notes:

Isolation and purification of mitochondria
La Brie, D.A. and R.P. Wagner. NN 15:8

Improved techniques for study of caratenoid intermediates
Subden, R.E. and G. Turian. NN 15:8

Permeabilization of conidia with phenethyl alcohol
Scott, W.A. and R.L. Metzenberg. NN 15:8-9

Hybrid strains useful in transferring genes between species
Metzenberg, R.L. and S.K. Algren. NN 15:9-10

Use of mammalian sex hormones for improving fertility in crosses
Ahmad, M. and A. Rahman. NN 15:11

Isolation of purified DNA and RNA simultaneously
Chattopadhyay, S.K. and S.K. Dutta. NN 15:11-12

Growth conditions for [abn-1] and [abn-2] in liquid media
Barratt, R.W. and W.N. Ogata. NN 15:12-13

Growth of conidia and mycelium on single medium
Baker, N. NN 15:13-15

Antimetabolitc inhibition of mod-5
Barratt, R.W. and P. St. Lawrence. NN 15:15

Anilinonaphthalene sulfonate and its magnesium and sodium salts as fluorescent protein stains
Fisher, C.R. NN 15:16

Improved recovery of enzyme activity after elcctrophoresis
Fisher, C.R. NN 15:16

Response of Neurospora to various Antibiotics and other Toxic Chemicals:

Effects of antibiotics on growth and periodicity of rhythmic strain
Sargent, M.L. NN 15:17

Effects of respiratory inhibitors on growth
West, D.J. amd D.0. Woodward. NN 15:17-18

Effect of malachite green in presence of surface actants
Mücke, D. and M. Popp. NN 15:18

Effects of cycloheximide at low concentrations
Wilson, J.F. and W.K. Bates. NN 15:18

Effect of cycloheximide and actinomycin D on germinating conidia
Hitchcock, S.E. and V.W. Cochrane. NN 15:18-19

Inhibitory activity of selected compounds
Thayer, P. NN 15:20-21

Morphological Mutants and Systems for Studying Differentiation:

Abnormal ascus mutants
Srb, A.M. and M. Basl. NN 15:22

Giant spore, a new developmental mutant of N. crassa
Leary, J.V. and A.M. Srb. NN 15:22-23

Spore and ascus mutants in N. tetrasperma
Novak, D.R. and A.M. Srb. NN 15:23

Conidiation antigen and malate dehydrogenase isoenzyme activities
Peduzzi, R. and G. Turian. NN 15:24

Sex hormones in N. crassa
Islam, M.S. and J. Weijer. NN 15:24-25

Nucleic acid interactions and chromatins isolated from differentiated cells
Dutta, S.K. NN 15:25-26


An introduction to Podospora anserina
Esser, K. NN 15:27-31

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