Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Growth characteristics of phen-l
Jha, K.K. NN 14:3

Effect of ret-3 on hirt-5
Smith, B.R. NN 14:4

Catabolite effects on enzymes
Kapoor, M. and D. Bray. NN 14:4-5

Ultrastructure of slime
Van Winkle, W.B. NN 14:5

Migrating and dividing somatic nuclei
Bakerspigel, A. NN 14:5

Arginaseless mutants
Morgan, D. H. NN 14:5-6

Cytochrome spectra of cytoplasmic mutants
Bertrand, H. and T.H. Pittenger. NN 14:6

Mutation rate and survival with ICR-170
Radford, A. NN 14:6-7

Effects of "No-Pest" Strip Insecticide
Michalek, S.M. and H.E. Brockman. NN 14:8

Technical Notes:

Isolation of sterility mutants
Vigfusson, N. and J. Weijer. NN 14:9

Isolation of nuclei from conidia
Dutta, S.K. NN 14:9

Method for obtaining mycelial pads
Wrathall, C.R. NN 14:9-10

Determination of total phosphorus in extracts
Hedman, S.C. NN 14:10

Determination of protein in conidia
Schneider, G. et al. NN 14:10-11

Glycerol as carbon source in induction studies
Bates, W.K. NN 14:11

Selection of intramural-enzyme mutants
Sargent, M.L. and H.D. Braymer. NN 14:11-12


Barratt, R.W. NN 14:13

Linkage Data:

New morphological mutants
Perkins, D.D. et al. NN 14:13-18

Enzyme Methodology:

Arginosuccinate synthetase determination
Tateson, R.W. NN 14:19

Adenylosuccinate lyase determination
Tateson, R.W. NN 14:19

Kynureninase determination
Vukosavovitch, M., J.R. Turner and W.K. Matchett. NN 14:19-20

Determination of mitochondriol cytochromes
Bertrand, H. and T.H. Pittenger. NN 14:20

Phosphofructokinase determination
Tsao, M.U. and T.I. Madley. NN 14:21

Isolation of g-amylase
Fass, D.N. NN 14:21

Agar gel electrophoresis of amylases
Fass, D.N. NN 14:21-22

Phosphofructokinase determination
Kapoor, M. NN 14:22-23

Purification of glutomine synthetase
Kapoor, M. and D. Bray. NN 14:23

Use of non-ionic substrates for determination of cellulase
Eveleigh, D.E. and J.J. Child. NN 14:23-24

Determination of kynurenine-3-hydroxylase
Cassady, W.E. and R.P. Wagner. NN 14:24

Purification of b-galactosidase
Johnson, H.N. NN 14:25

Identification of b-galactosidases
Johnson, H.N. NN 14:25-26

Determination of arginase: estimation of citrulline
Morgan, D.H. NN 14:26

Comments on enzyme assays
Flavell, R. NN 14:26

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