Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Tyrosine transport in Neurospora
Brescia, V.T. NN 13:16

Cytochrome spectra of cytoplasmic mutants
Griffiths, A.J.F., H. Bertrand and T.H. Pittenger. NN 13:16-17


A note on the symbal for weose defective mutants
Kolmark. H.G. NN 13:17

Technical Notes:

The care and feeding of slime
Woodward, V.W. and C.K. Woodward. NN 13:18

Linkage Data:

Linkage information for cysteine and methionine mutants
Murray, N.E. NN 13:19

Preliminary mapping of nineteen new translocations
Beske, J.L. and R.L. Phillips. NN 13:19-21

Gene sequences in linkage group I
Newmeyer, D., C.W. Taylor and D.C. Bennett. NN 13:21

Linkage data on phen and tyr mutants
El-Eryani, A.A. NN 13:21

Linkage data for four linkage group III markers
Ahmad, M. and S.H. Mirdha. NN 13:22

Linkage data for two urease loci in linkage group V
Kolmark, H.G. NN 13:23

A cautionary note
Lamb, B.C. NN 13:24

Centromere distance on asco (37402)
Lamb, B.C. NN 13:24

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