Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Short-term changes in amino acid pool
Wootton, J. C. NN 12:3

Phospholipids in N. crassa
Kappy, M.S. and R.L. Metzenberg. NN 12:3-4

Regulation of DAHP synthetase
Halsall, D.M. and C.H. Doy. NN 12:4

Adaptation in am1
Shields, M. and W.N. Strickland. NN 12:5

Effect of rec-1 on hist-5
Smith, B.R. NN 12:6

Secretion of proteolytic enzyme
Matile, Ph. NN 12:6-7

Effect of biotin on lipid content
Neumann, W. and H. Aurich. NN 12:7

Changes in chemical composition during growth
Neumann, W., H. Aurich and H.P. Kleber. NN 12:7-8

Cyonocobolamine in N. sitophila
Kleber, H.P. and H. Aurich. NN 12:8

Amino acid transport in poky
Weston, N.J. and A.G. DeBusk. NN 12:9

Variations among extrachromosomal mutants
Grindle, M. and D.O. Woodward. NN 12:9-10

Notes on Nomenclature and Origin of Stocks:

Nomenclature of extrachromosomal mutants
Barratt, R.W. NN 12:11

Origin of "AGL" trait
Bates, W.K. and D.O. Woodward. NN 12:11

Technical Notes:

Scoring [mi-1] and [mi-1]f in growth tubes
Barratt, R.W. and W.N. Ogata. NN 12:12

Detection of closely linked suppressor genes
Allison, M. NN 12:12

Rapid preparation of mitochondria
Hall, D.O. and H. Baltscheffsky. NN 12:13

Use of Coulter counter for counting ascospores
McDougall, K.J. NN 12:13-14

Production of myceliol protoplosh
Hendrick, D. and A.G.DeBurk NN 12:14

Identification of enzymes by acrylamide gel electrophoresis
Strickland, W.N. and M. Shields NN 12:15

Extraction of mycelial protein
Bates, W.K., R.S. Beck and B.M. Eberhart. NN 12:16

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