Table of Contents

Research Notes:

Modification of EMS-induced reversion frequencies in Neurospora with enriched plating media
Barnett, W.E. and F.J. de Serres. NN 1:4

Trypophan synthetase levels in hist-1 mutants
Carsiotis, M. and A.M. Lacy. NN 1:4

A selection method for mutants requiring sulfur-containing compounds for growth
Gross, S.R. NN 1:4-5

Drug resistant mutants
Hsu, K.S. NN 1:5

The production of mosaic mutations in Neurospora crassa
Royes, J. NN 1:5-6

Genetic basis for an aberrant ascus in N. crassa
Srb, A.M. NN 1:6

Isocitratase studies in Neurospora
Turian, G. and J. Seydoux. NN 1:6

Technical Notes:

A quick method of obtaining double mutants and heterocaryon compatible isolates from mutants derived from foreign stocks
Ahmad, M. NN 1:7

Further observations on the vegetative nuclei of Neurospora crassa
Bakerspigel, A. NN 1:7-8

Viability of Neurospora conidia from stock cultures on silica gel
Brockman, H.E. and F.J. de Serres. NN 1:8-9

A procedure for making heterokaryon tests in liquid minimal medium
de Serres, F. J. NN 1:9-10

A simple device for rapid preparation of conidial suspensions of Neurospora
de Serres, F. J. NN 1:10-11

Conidiating media for Neurospora
Frost, L.C. NN 1:11

Growth of a histidina strain, hist-2 (C94), of Neurospora crassa
McNelly, C. NN 1:12

A method for the preparation of mycelial acetone powder of Neurospora
Munkres, K. NN 1:12

Media used for culture of and distribution of stocks
Ogata, W.N. NN 1:13

Preservation of Neurospora stock cultures with anhydrous silica gel
Ogata, W.N. NN 1:13

Mating type tests using a plating technique
Smith, B.R. NN 1:14

Bibliographic Note:

Information on Neurospora
Huang, P.C. NN 1:14

Linkage Data:

Lacy, A.M. NN 1:15

A new morphological marker in Neurospora
Morrow, J. NN 1:15

A second 'leaky' histidine mutant in linkage group IV
Murray, N.E. and M. Glassey. NN 1:15-16

Linkage data for group IV
Smith, B.R. NN 1:16-17

The location of 11 am alleles in linkage group 5
Smith, B.R. NN 1:18-20

Threlkeld. S.F.H. NN 1:20

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