Chromosomal Loci of Neurospora crassa

The 1982 Compendium of information on gene loci of N. crassa (Perkins et al. 1982. Microbiological Reviews 46:426-570) is reproduced here by permission of the authors and The American Society For Microbiology, subject to the following conditions:

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The 1982 compendium is also available online at PUBMed Central


Includes Introduction, Historical Background, Genetic Nomenclature and Conventions

Linkage Maps

Information on Individual Loci

Notes on Descriptions of Loci

Mutant names beginning with A - part 1 (A/a to amyc)

Mutant names beginning with A - part 2 (An to azs) and B

Mutant names beginning with C

Mutant names beginning with D-G

Mutant names beginning with H-L

Mutant names beginning with M-O

Mutant names beginning with P-R

Mutant names beginning with S

Mutant names beginning with T

Mutant names beginning with U-Z

Sources of Stocks and Summary

Literature Cited

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