The FGSC depends on acknowledgements to demonstrate the value of the materials in the collection.

You may cite the following article to acknowledge the FGSC:

McCluskey K, Wiest A, Plamann M. 2010. The Fungal Genetics Stock Center: a repository for 50 years of fungal genetics research. J Biosci. 35(1):119-26.

Additional examples of how you might acknowledge the  FGSC follow.

In the Acknowledgements section:

Strains and plasmids were obtained from the Fungal Genetics Stock Center (Manhattan, Kansas, USA).

In the Materials and Methods section:

To acknowledge a plasmid:
    "The plasmid pMF272 (Freitag et al., 2004) was obtained from the FGSC (Manhattan, Kansas, USA)."
    "The sGFP gene from the plasmid pMT-sGFP (Toews et al, 2004, obtained from the FGSC) was excised by cutting with EcoRI and KpnI"

To acknowledge a strain:

    "Strain 4306 (obtained from the FGSC) was prepared by ....


    "Strain XY123, carrying the un-16 gene from FGSC 4306 was grown in a 20 L bioreactor..."

Strain number Genotype Origin
4306 un-16 ; mat A FGSC
10216 un-16; mus-52 This study

If you use a Neurospora knockout strain from the functional genomics program, you should cite

Colot HV, Park G, Turner GE, Ringelberg C, Crew CM, Litvinkova L, Weiss RL, Borkovich KA, Dunlap JC.
A high-throughput gene knockout procedure for Neurospora reveals functions for multiple transcription factors.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Jul 5;103(27):10352-7.  Also, you may acknowledge  use of materials from the
Neurospora Functional Genomics grant P01GM68087

To acknowledge a gene library:

    "A plasmid containing the gdmnA1 gene was identified in the A. fumigatus pRG3-AMA-NotI library (Xu et al, 2004, obtained from the FGSC)"

Users of Aspergillus nidulans strains should be aware that most classical mutant strains are in a veA1 mutant background.
Please see  Simple identification of veA1 mutation in Aspergillus nidulans. Han KH, Park JS, Chae KS, Han DM.
J Microbiol. 2010 Dec;48(6):885-7.


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