Information describing FGSC policies, strain availability, origins, and other topics covered in the FGSC catalog

Availability of Stocks
Deposit of Strains
Shipment of Strains
Acknowledgements of Supporters

Description of Symbols used
Genetic Background
Locus designations for Neurospora tetrasperma
Locus symbols used for Neurospora interspecific hybrids

Availability of Stocks

Most stocks are maintained both as desiccated spores on silica gel and as freeze-dried spores. Strains that do not sporulate are stored at -80 and in liquid nitrogen. When a strain is requested, we start it growing here at the FGSC. Most strains can be shipped within a week. Some require more effort to revive and can take longer. Please consult us if there are any concerns about delays.

Deposit of Stocks

We solicit deposit of strains on which genetic or biochemical information is published or in press. We invite suggestions of valuable stocks which should be included. A deposit sheet is included at the end of the catalog or can be downloaded from the FGSC web site. Additions or corrections to linkage data, genetic background, references, etc. are welcomed. Additional information of many stocks can be provided upon specific request.

Shipment of Strains

Most strains are stored on anhydrous silica gel.
In preparation for shipment, a few crystals of the stock culture are transferred to fresh agar slants, and when growth can be seen, the slants are sent via UPS or international air-mail. In most cases, strains can be dispatched 2-3 days after receiving a request. Strains may be sent via FedEx if an additional fee is paid. Phone orders may be placed at 913-588-7044; the FAX number is 913-588-7295; We encourage the use of E-mail as this assures timely and accurate ordering. Orders may also be placed directly from the FGSC web site.


Thanks are due to the many investigators who have deposited stocks, as indicated by initials in the list. These and others have provided a valuable service by providing accessory information, correcting errors, and depositing improved strains to supplement or replace those originally listed.

Key to Symbols

Allele Designation:

The number usually refers to an isolation number. Numbers without prefixes indicate the original Beadle and Tatum mutants. The few exceptions are indicated by underlining the allele numbers.

Prefixes used are as follows:

A    M. Ahmad
AB   Used by Thomas E. Johnson
ALS  Alice L. Schroeder
ANTAS       Used by John H. Chalmers, Jr.
AR   Alan Radford
B    Brookhaven National Laboratory-used by Val Woodward;also by M.E. Case et al. to  refer to pan-2 alleles
BAT  Used by J.L. Reissig
BC   Used by R.L. Metzenberg
BE   Bruce Eberhart
BS   B.R. Smith
BVS  B.V. Smith
C    California Institute of Technology
C-    Cornell University
CA   Canberra- used by D. Smyth
car  Used by A.M. Kapular
CD   Used by R.H. Davis
CJS  Carol J. Smarr-used by D.D. Perkins
CL   Used by A.S. Sussman
CM   Used by A.M. Eberhart
CN   Used by N.F. Robertson
CR   Used by W.M. Thwaites to denote citrulline resistant
CR-   Used by H. Bertrand
CU   Columbia University
D    Duke University-used by S.R. Gross
D    Used by G.A. Marzluf
DBL  D.B. Lee
DFC  D.F. Caroline
DH   Dorothy Halsall
DJ    David  Jacobson
DK   Used by S.R. Gross
DL   A.M. DeLange--used by N.B. Raju    
DS   David Stadler
DW   Dow Woodward
E    Emerson- used by Sterling Emerson;
       also used by T. Ishikawa to refer to
       ad-8 mutants
ER   Used by V.E.A. Russo
F    Used by D. Woodward, et al. to refer
        to ad-4 mutants
FB   Frank Buxton
FK   Fraser and Kafer
FLR  Used by S.R. Gross
FS   Florida State- used by DeBusk/Selitrennikoff    
G    B. Gowdridge- used by M.J. Mayo
GH   George Hoffmann
GN   Used by G.W. Charlang
GNB   George N. Bistis
H    Hungate- used by Frank Hungate
HC   Ho Coy Choke
HK   Homare Kuwana
HS   Hugh Sweeney
HY   Used by Julian Hartley
I     Used by G.A. Marzluf
j    Used by I.B. Barthelmess
JBM  Joyce B. Maxwell
JC   J.B. Courtright
JFL  J.F. Lehman- used by R.L. Metzenberg
JH   Johns Hopkins Univ.- used by W.D. McElroy
JI   John Innes (Inst.)- used by J.R. Fincham
JL   John Leslie  
JP   Used by M.L. Sargent
K    Used by D.G. Catcheside; also by K.C.    
       Atwood for K22 (amyc)    
KG   Kwansei Gakuin- used by H. Kuwana
KGP  K.G. Perrine - Used by G. Marzluf
KH   K.S. Hsu   
KO   Used by A. Radford    
KS   Kansas State- used by V. Woodward  
L    C.C. Lindegren
L     L. Livingston
LD   Lori Dunn
LLM  Laura Livingston Mays
LO   Lori Olson 
LP   Lakshmi Pendyala
LW    Lloyd Wolfinbarger
M    B.D. Maling
MB   Monica Bjorkman
MD   Michael C. Deeley
MEP  Used by R.H. Davis
MK   Used by V.E.A. Russo
MKG  Used by R.L. Metzenberg
MN   Mutant Neurospora- used by D.E.A. Catcheside
MW   Used by A.S. Sussman
N    Dorothy Newmeyer 
NAN  Used by Morris Grindle
NM   Noreen  Murray
NMR  Used by G.A. Marzluf
NS   W.N. Strickland
OP   Used by G.J.Sorger
ORS  Used by O. Mylyk
OY   O.C. Yoder
P    Perkins- used by D.D. Perkins; also
        by N.E. Murray nee Parker
PB   Used by Thomas E. Johnson
PD   Peter Dodd
PJR  Peter J. Russell
PR   Designates partial reversion
R    Rockefeller- used by E.L. Tatum
RC   Reed College
RES  R.E. Subden
RLM  R.L. Metzenberg
RLP  R. LePage
RP   R.L. Phillips    
RS   R.W. Siegel- used by D.D. Perkins        
RU   Rice University
RW   Ruth Williams- used by L.G. Williams
RWT  R.W. Tuveson
S    Stanford- used by E.L. Tatum
SAT  Sharon A. Thomas
SC    South Carolina- used by Mishra and DeLange
SDS  San Diego State
SF   Used by H.G. Gratzner
SG   Sam Gross- used by D.D. Perkins
STL  St. Lawrence
SUE  Used by R.E. Subden
SV   S.J. Vollmer
T    Texas- used by R.P. Wagner 
T (underlined)    Tokyo- used by T. Ishikawa 
TB   Thomas Baker
TJS  T.J. Schmidhauser
TL   T. Legerton
TM   Used by D.G. Catcheside and T. Angel
        nee Maxia
TP   Thomas Paulus
U    Used by G.A. Marzluf
UA   Univ. of Alberta- used by K.K. Jha
UCLA Univ. of California, Los Angeles
UFC  United Fruit Co.- used by R.D. Goos
UG   Univ. of Georgia- used by Branch Howe

UK   Univ. of Kansas--used by J.A. Kinsey
UM   Univ. of Michigan- used by R.H. Davis
UT   Univ. of Texas
UV   Used by M. Grindle
UVC  Used by M. Grindle
UW   Univ. of Wisconsin- used by R.L. Metzenberg
UWO  Univ. of Western Ontario- used by W.L. Greer
V    N.V. Vigfusson
V (underlined) Virginia- used by R.H. Garrett
WRN  Used by T.W. Seale to designate reversion by nitrous acid.
WRR  Used by G.A. Marzluf
WRU  Used by T.W. Seale to designate reversion by    ultraviolet
Y    Yale- used by E.L. Tatum(1945- 49);
X    Used by B.M. Eberhart, also N.H. Giles (to 1973)
Z    H. Zalkin

Suffixes used are as follows:

Ab   aberration
(r)  resistant
(d)  dependent
(s)  sensitive
(p)  pH- sensitive
(t)  temperature- sensitive
pr   partial reversion                        
T    translocation (reciprocal or insertional)

In addition, in cases where more than one gene mutation has been recovered from a stock, a suffix is added to the isolation number to differentiate the two; i.e., Y30539y is an allele of ylo-1; y30539r an allele of rib-2.

Genetic Background

The symbols are designed to provide the general nature of the background of each stock. No attempt is made to provide detailed information. Several nonidentical lines of Emerson, Lindegren and St. Lawrence wild types are in use. As stocks improved, a given laboratory often changed to different but related wild types. Where detailed information is essential, the investigator should write directly to the Stock Center. For origin of some of the wild type strains, see Barratt, R.W., "Origin of Important Wild Type Stocks of N. crassa", Neurospora Newsletter 2:24- 25 and Neurospora Newsletter 3:19; Case, M.E. et al. "Further Information on the Origin of the Yale and Oak Ridge Wild Type Strains of N. crassa", Neurospora Newsletter 8:25-26, Catcheside, D.G. 1975 "Occurrence in Wild Strains of Neurospora crassa of Genes Controlling Genetic Recombination", Aust. J. Biol. Sci. 28:213-225 and Newmeyer, D. et al. 1987 "An annotated pedigree of Neurospora crassa laboratory wild types, showing the probable origin of the nucleolus satellite and showing that certain stocks are not authentic", Fungal Genetics Newsletter 34:46-51.

For many of the original mutant strains of Beadle and Tatum, only incomplete records are available as to whether existing strains are original or derived. Where any doubt occurs, the symbol O? is employed to indicate uncertainty.

Symbols used are as follows:

A    Abbott                                   
C    Chilton               
E    Emerson                       
L    Lindegren  
M    Mixed
RL   Rockefeller-Lindegren
SL   St. Lawrence
AxC  Abbott crossed with Chilton
AxL  Abbott crossed with Lindegren
AxM  Abbott crossed with mixed
LxE  Lindegren crossed with Emerson

Numbers after symbols (as SL4) refer to the number of backcrosses to the indicated background. SL4 should be read "back- crossed into St. Lawrence background four times."

Locus symbols used for Neurospora tetrasperma

A/a     mating type alleles

d       lethal producing deliquescent asci; wild type allele D (formerly called 1,L)
E       lethal preventing ascospore maturation on certain media, producing 8- spored asci on other media (dominant);  (wild type allele e)
I       lethal producing indurated asci (dominant); wild type allele  
i        dwarf or yellow dwarf; wild type allele

Locus symbols used for Neurospora interspecific hybrids

A    	mating type alleles    	
S    	sitophila  	
C    	crassa
T    	tetrasperma   	
E    	England                	
V    	Virginia, USA

Mutagen :

Symbols used to indicate the mutagen employed are as follows:

A 	acridine ICR-170
MDAB   	methyl-dimethylaminobenzene
AFT-B	Alfatoxin B1			
MMS  	methyl methane sulfonate
2-AP	2-Aminopurine
N	neutrons
BUDR   	5-bromodeoxyuridine
NA	nitrous acid
Co-60	cobalt 60
NG	N-methyl-N'-nitrosoguanidine
DEB	diepoxybutane
4-NQO 	4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide
DEO	diepoxyoctane			
O	no mutagen, allele present in parent strain
DS     	diethyl or dimethyl sulfate		
P	beta propiolactone
EMS	ethyl methane sulfonate		
RIP	Repeat Induced Point mutation
FUDR   	5-fluorodeoxyuridine
TR	transformation
G      	gamma radiation			
S	spontaneous
HA     	hydroxylamine			
S35	sulfur 35
M      	mustard (nitrogen or sulfur)	
UV	ultraviolet light
MC     	methylcholanthrene		
X	x-rays
UV+M   	ultraviolet + mustard simultaneously

Obtained from:

AA          A.            Almasan
AGD       A.            Gib         DeBusk
AJG        A.J.         Griffiths
AL           Alan       Lambowitz
ALS         Alice      L.             Schroeder
AMK      Alan       M.          Kapular
AML       Ann        Matthews           Lacy
AMS      Adrian   M.          Srb
AMW    Angela  M.          Wellman
AR          Alan       Radford
AS           Alfred   Sussman
ATCC     American Type Culture Collection
BBG       Bronx    Botanical              Garden
BCT        Barbara                C.            Turner
BDM      Barbara                D.            Maling
BME       Bruce    M.          Eberhart
BRO       Berl Oakley
BRS        B.R.        Smith
BSR        B.            Seidel-Rogol
BSS         B.S.        Strauss
BVS        Bonita   V.            Smith
BW         Brian      White
CBS        Centraalbureauvoor       Schimmelcultures
CFC        C.F.        Curtis
CIT          Calif.      Inst.       of            Tech.
CMI        Commonwealth               Mycological        Institute
CPS        C.P.        Selitrennikoff
CS           Chuck    Staben
CTY         Carl        T.            Yamashiro
CWH      C.W.      Hesseltine
CWM     Clint       W.          Magill
CWS       Carolyn W.          Slayman
CY           Charles Yanofsky
DAS        David     A.            Smith
DDP       David     D.            Perkins
DE           Dan        Ebbole
DEC        D.E.A.    Catcheside
DGC       D.G.       Catcheside
DJJ          David     Jacobson
DJL         David     J.             Luck
DJW       David     J.             West
DLE         David     L.             Edwards
DMB      David     M.          Bonner
DMH      Dorothy               M.          Halsall
DNP       D.            Newmeyer         Perkins
DPM      D.P.        Mahoney
DRG       Donna   R.            Galeazzi
DRS        David     R.            Stadler
DS           D.R.        Smyth
EGB        Edward G.           Barry
EGS        Emory   G.           Simmons
EJM        Edward J.             Mullaney
EK           Etta        Kafer
ELT         Edward L.             Tatum
ER           Edward Reich
ESJ          Eric         S.            Jacobsen
EWR       Edith      Wong    Rao
FD           Frank     Doe
FGSC     Fungal   Genetics              Stock     Center
FHG       Frank     H.            Gaertner
FJD         F.J.         de           Serres
FRL         Frank     R.            Lauter
FJL          Franz     J.             Leinweber
FPB        Frank     P.            Buxton
GAM     George A.            Marzluf
GAS       G.A.       Scarborough
GM        Gregory               May      
GRH       George R.            Hoffman
GS          George Sorger
GWC      Gisela    W.          Charlang
GWG     G.W.      Grigg
HA          Harold   Aurich
HB          Helmut Bertrand             
HBH       H.            Branch  Howe
HCC        Ho          Coy        Choke
HDB       H.D.       Braymer
HDV       Hans      de           Vries     
HFT        Hector  F.            Terenzi
HGG      Howard                G.           Gratzner
HGK       H.G.       Kolmark
HI            Hirokazu              Inoue
HK          Homare                Kuwana
HWS      H.            Wayne  Shew
IBB         I.B.         Barthelmess
JAD        John      A.            DeMoss
JAK         John      A.            Kinsey
JBC         J.B.         Courtright
JBM       Joyce     B.            Maxwell
JCK         John      C.            Krug
JCM       J.C.         Murray
JFF          Jerry      F.            Feldman
JFL          John      F.            Leslie
JFW        J.F.         Wilson
JH           J.             Hartley
JHC         J.H.         Chalmers,            Jr.
JJL           Jennifer               J.             Loros
JLR          Jose       L.             Reissig
JM          Jaime    Mora    
JRF         J.R.         Fincham
JW          Jan         Weijer
JWT        John      W.          Taylor
KEA        Kenneth              E.            Allen
KDM      Kenneth              D.            Munkres
KF           Kouhei  Furuya 
KJM       K.J.         McDougall
KKJ         Krishna K.            Jha
KN          Kazuo    Nakamura
KSH        K.S.        Hsu
LB           Leon      Belcour
LG           Laura     Garnjobst
LGW      Larry      G.           Williams
LLM        Laura     L.             Mays
LRL         Laura     R.            Livingston
LTC         Lung-Ting            Chang
LW          Lloyd     Wolfinbarger    
MA         Majeed                Ahmad
MB         Monika Björkman
MBM     Mary     B.            Mitchell
MEC       Mary     E.            Case
MG        Morris   Grindle
MGS      Michael                G.           Schechtman
MJM      M.          Jean       Mayo
ML          Melanie               Loo
MLP       Martin  L.             Pall
MLS       Malcom                L.             Sargent               
MS         Marie    Shields
MXC       Mark Caddick
NBR       N.B.       Raju
NCM      N.C.       Mishra
NEM      Noreen                E.            Murray
NFR        N.F.        Robertson
NGB       Neil        G.           Brink
NHH       N.H.       Horowitz
NJW       N.J.        Weston
NK         Nancy Keller 
NRRL     Northern             Regional               Research             Laboratory
OCY        Olen      C.            Yoder
OMM    Orest     M.          Mylyk
PCH        P.C.        Huang
PJR         Peter     J.             Russell
PMM     P.M.      Mohan
PSL         P.            St.           Lawrence
PT           Phillips  Thayer
RBC        R.B.        Cain
RBF        Richard B.            Flavel
RDG       Roger    D.            Goos
REB        R.E.        Beever
REN        Robert  E.            Nelson
RES         Ronald  E.            Subden
RF           Robert  Fuerst
RH          Ruth      Halaban
RHD       Rowland              H.            Davis
RHG       R.H.        Garrett
RKL         R.K.        Littlewood
RLM       R.L.         Metzenberg
RLP         R.L.         Phillips
RM         Ramesh                Maheshwari
RMD      Ruth      M.          DeBusk
RPW      Robert  P.            Wagner
RRB        R.R.        Burk
RTP        Robert  T.            Pollock
RWB      Raymond             W.          Barratt
RWH      Roy        W.          Harding
RWT       Robert  W.          Tuveson
SB           Stuart    Brody
SE           Sterling Emerson
SEG        S.E.         Gochenaur
SRG        Samson                R.            Gross
SRS         S.R.        Suskind
SW         Susan    Wellman
TEJ          Thomas                E.            Johnson
THP        T.H.        Pittenger
TI            Tatsuo  Ishikawa
TM         Tadako Muryama
TMO      Tong-Man           Ong
TWS       Thomas                W.          Seale
VEAR     V.E.A.    Russo
VWW    Val          W.          Woodward
WK         W.          Klingmuller
WKB      William K.            Bates
WLG      W.L.       Greer
WMT     William M.          Thwaites
WNS      W.N.      Strickland
WSM     Walter  S.            McNutt
YK           Yoshiaki                Kitani


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