Neurospora 2008


Scientific Program

Thursday 27 March

3:00-6:00 p.m. Registration, Administration
6:00 p.m. Dinner, Crocker
7:00-8:00 p.m. Metzenberg Memorial. Rowland Davis, Louise Glass, Patrick Shiu
Fred Farr Forum
8:00-10:00 p.m. Mixer
Fred Farr Forum

Friday 28 March

7:30-8:30 a.m.  Breakfast, Crocker  
8:30-12:05 Session I: Gene Silencing, Sex, Repair and Recombination.
Chair: David Catcheside


8:30 Welcome and announcements  
8:35 Patrick Shiu
Beadle and Tatum Award Lecture
Genetic dissection of Meiotic Silencing by Unpaired DNA
9:15 Mary Anne Nelson Sexual development in Neurospora crassa: Elusive recessive mutations
9:40 Louise Glass Getting connected: Formation and function of the hyphal network
10:05  Coffee break


10:20 Eric Selker Recent advances understanding the control of DNA methylation
10:45 Michael Freitag  Centromeres in filamentous fungi
11:05 Fred Bowring Region specific regulation of recombination
11:25 Rodolfo Aramayo Meiotic silencing in Neurospora
11:45 Hirokazu Inoue DNA repair and cell death
  Lunch, Crocker Business meeting, presentation of Perkins and Dodge Awards
Jay Dunlap
Metzenberg Award Lecture
Changing Times
3:10-5:50 p.m.
Session II: Clocks and Light

Chair: Yi Liu
3:15 Deb Bell Pedersen Circadian output pathways in Neurospora
3:35 Michael BrunnerFunctional characterization of the White Collar Complex
3:55 Jennifer LorosMechanism of the Neurospora circadian system
4:15  Coffee break

4:30 Luis Corrochano

Neurospora mutants altered in their regulation of transcription by light

4:50 Kwangwon LeeDoes circadian clock matter for Neurospora crassa in nature?
5:10 Benedetto GrimaldiWhite Collar Complex: acetylation and evolution
5:30 Patricia Lakin-Thomas The effects of prd mutations on the FRQ-less oscillator (FLO)
6:00-7:00  Dinner, Crocker 
7:00-10:00 Poster session
Fred Farr Forum
Presenters should be in front of their posters: odd numbers 7-8pm, even numbers 8-9 pm

Saturday 29 March

7:30-8:30  Breakfast, Crocker  



Session III: Cell Growth, Morphogenesis and Populations
Chair: Nora Plesofsky

8:30 John Taylor Neurospora as a model for evolutionary biology
8:55 Barry Bowman Where is calcium sequestered within cells, and how does it get there
9:20 Michael Plamann Cytoplasmic dynein
9:45 Stephan Seiler  Regulation of polar tip extension by COT1 and Rho-type GTPases
10:10  Coffee break


10:25 Frank Nargang Mitochondrial biogenesis
10:50 Nick Read Conidial sex tubes and phytochrome signalling
11:15 Alberto Rivetta Genetic and functional characterization of three K+ transport systems in Neurospora
11:40 Stephen Free  Identification and partial characterization of Neurospora anastomosis mutants
12:05-2:30  Lunch, Crocker


Session IV Gene Regulation and Cell Signaling
Chair: Oded Yarden
2:30 Carol Jones  Investigation of functional domains of RRG-1, a response regulator that regulates the OS-2 MAPK cascade
2:55 Matt Sachs Post-transcriptional control of gene expression in Neurospora
3:20 Heng-Chi Lee Regulation of the RNAi pathway in Neurospora
3:45 Alejandro Fernández Estrada The ylo-1 gene encodes an aldehyde dehydrogenase responsible for the last oxidative reaction in the Neurospora carotenoid pathway
4:10 Coffee break


4:25 Robert P. Smith Trans-species activity of the Neurospora crassa ribonucleotide reductase incompatibility domain in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
4:50 Jack Kennell Plasmid-induced senescence in Neurospora crassa triggers mitochondrial-nuclear communication
5:15 Andrew Keeping Characterization of the Neurospora VS ribozyme in vivo
5:35 Fabio Squina New features over the expression of Neurospora crassa genes in response to extracellular phosphate levels and pH
6:00-7:30 Banquet, Crocker
Chair, Oded Yarden

Presentation of the Beadle and Tatum Award

  Banquet Speech: Dorsey Stuart Neurospora in the Corporate World; An overnight success story
7:30-10:30 Poster session
Fred Farr Forum

Sunday 30 March

7:30-8:30 Breakfast, Crocker  
8:30-11:50 Session V: Genomics and Methodology
Chair: Jay Dunlap
8:30-10:10 Neurospora Functional Genomic projects
8:30 Jay Dunlap Overview
8:40 Kathy Borkovich and Gloria Turner Knockouts
9:10 James Galagan Fungal Genomics
9:30 Louise Glass and Jeff Townsend Microarray Analyses
9:50 Jennifer Loros, Meray Basturkmen cDNA libraries and SNPs
10:10  Coffee Break
10:25 Matt Sachs, Heather Hood Annotation
10:45 Van Gooch Neurospora Lights Up!
11:05 Ernestina Castro-Longoria Expression of the red fluorescent protein mCherry During the circadian rhythm of Neurospora crassa
11:25 Christina Chung Development of Neurospora host strains with reduced codon bias for elevated protein expression
12:00  Lunch and Checkout


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