A brief history of the Neurospora Conference


The first Neurospora Information Conference was held in La Jolla, California, March 2-4 1961. This meeting was attended by 93 scientists primarily from the US and Canada. One scientist came from England. Sessions were held on Cytology, Techniques, Recombination, Complementation, Genetic Fine Structure, Reversion, and Genetic Interaction in Enzyme Synthesis. Eleven more conferences were held at varying intervals.

In 1986 the meeting became the first Fungal Genetics Conference. It was held in Columbia, South Carolina, and there were 140 attendees from 9 countries. This meeting grew with the growth in research on filamentous fungi and now boasts over 700 attendees from all over the world. To reclaim the informal, focused atmosphere of the original Neurospora Information Conferences, the Neurospora Policy Committee has re-launched the Neurospora meetings with great success. The first new Neurospora conference in 1998 included over 175 scientists from 8 countries. The 5th new Neurospora Conference included scientists from 12 countries.

Past organizers
2006 Oded Yarden, Nora Plesofsky
2004 Anthony Griffiths, Deborah Bell-Pedersen
2002 Gloria Turner, Barry Bowman
2000  Dan Ebbole, Eric Selker
1998  Mike Plamann, Mary Anne Nelson
          Kathy Borkovich, Matt Sachs

Banquet speakers
1998 Jay Dunlap, Dartmouth
2002 Rowland Davis, University of California, Irvine
2004 Stuart Brody, University of California, San Diego
2006 Guiseppe Macino, UniversitÓ di Roma "La Sapienza"

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