Fusarium Genomes Research Policy Group (FusiGroup) Statutes


1.      The Group shall be named the Fusarium Genomes Research Group (FusiGroup)


The objectives of the FusiGroup will include, but not be limited to,


2.      Any researchers on any aspect of Fusarium spp. may be a FusiGroup member and be entitled to attend, speak and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

3.      The executive Executive Committee will be responsible collectively for all the activities of the FusiGroup and only members of the Executive Committee may speak publicly (including any written communication) on behalf of the FusiGroup. Membership of the FusiGroup Executive Committee will consist of 7 members drawn from at least 3 countries:


                 Meetings Chair

5 other members (ideally representing different Fusarium species and areas of research)    

1 ex officio representative from the culture centers (to be rotated)

1 ex officio representative from the sequencing centers (to be rotated)

Volunteers to be on the Executive Committee the first year are: Kim Hammond-Kosack, Seogchan Kang, Won-Bo Shim, Frances Trail, Hans VanEtten, Yin-Won Lee and Antonio DiPietro           

  1. The Executive Committee members will elect the Chairman and Meetings Chair from amongst the elected group.
  2. All Executive Committee members will serve for a 3-year term except for the 7 original members of the Executive Committee in 2007 (to facilitate rotation). Executive Committee posts falling vacant because of death, illness or resignation will be filled at the next Annual General Meeting. Temporary replacements may be made by the Executive Committee as necessary, by co-option. Executive Committee members may serve for 1 or 2 terms in any one role, and up to another 2 terms in any other role, a maximum of 12 years continuously on the Executive Committee. The Chair will serve one at the end of his/her term of office as Past-Chair, in an advisory capacity. Re-election after a break off the Executive Committee is acceptable.
  3. An Annual General Meeting of the FusiGroup will be held at the Fungal Genetics Conferences each year, if possible, and will be an open meeting. The quorum will be at least 4 members of the Executive Committee and 10 other Fusarium researchers (FusiGroup members).  In addition, the Executive Committee might organize other meetings and workshops as opportunities present themselves.

7.      All Executive Committee members will be elected by a simple majority the Annual General Meeting. The ballot will be open, and held on the day of the Annual General Meeting, in a manner determined in advance by the Executive Committee. The first elected members of the Executive Committee will be elected at the Inaugural Meeting of the FusiGroup in 2008. In 2008 and 2009, 2 members of the initial committee will be replaced.  In 2010, the remaining 3 members will be replaced. Nominations for new members to replace those stepping down can be made prior to the meeting, or at the conference. Nominations require a proposer and seconder, and the consent of the person being proposed.

8.      The Chair of the FusiGroup will chair all meetings of the FusiGroup Executive Committee and Annual Meeting in his/her absence the Executive Committee will appoint a deputy. The Chair is responsible for co-ordinating the activities of the FusiGroup. The Chair (or in his/her absence his/her deputy) will have a casting vote in any situation when votes are tied.

9.      The Meetings Chair will be responsible for organizing the Annual General Meeting of the FusiGroup.

10.  The Executive Committee will handle any funds received as they see fit, without recourse to the membership. All expenditure decisions of the FusiGroup require the approval of at least three members of the Executive Committee including at least one of the Chair or Meetings Secretary.

11.  Meetings of the Executive Committee may be held anywhere including by e-mail, telephone, video-conferencing and webcam, with 7 days notice to all Executive Committee members. A quorum will comprise at least 4 members of the Executive Committee.

12.  Notices of meetings, minutes and other policy communications will be communicated on an official FusiGroup Website (as yet to be determined) and the Fungal Genetics Stock Center website, or alternate as determined by the Executive Committee.



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