Minutes from the Fusigroup Business meeting on March 15th 2011, at Asilomar


In attendance from the Executive Committee: LiJun Ma, Cees Walejek, Frances Trail, Hans Van Etten, Corby Kistler, Antonio DiPietro, Yin-Won Lee.  Absent: Kevin McCluskey.


In attendance for the Scientific meeting:  53 Registrants


Hans Van Etten and Frances Trail were due to step down. 

Five nominations for 2 replacements were received.  A vote was completed by all present. 

David Geiser and Bettina Tudzynski were elected by majority vote. 

Next meeting will take place in association with the EFGC in Marburg, Germany.


Igor Grigoriev agreed to replace Li-Jun Ma as representative from a sequencing center, as Li-Jun has moved to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.




 Submitted 4/5/11 and posted online 4/14/11


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