Program of the Fusarium workshop


9.00 h Opening


1.         Part: Host-fungal interaction (Chair: Antonio DiPietro)


9.15 h    C. Zhao, T. van der Lee, P. J.G.M. de Wit, C. Waalwijk and D. Tang

Isolation and characterization of F. graminearum mutants altered in virulence


9.30 h    A.-L. Martinez Rocha, M. Woriedh, T. Van Nguyen and W. Schäfer

Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A is a central regulator in Fusarium graminearum.


9.45 h    A. Blümke, C. A. Voigt

Brachypodium distachyon: an excellent model for Fusarium graminearum infection in wheat


10.00 h  T. Van Nguyen, W. Schäfer and Jörg Bormann

The stress-activated protein kinase FgOS-2 is a key regulator in the life cycle of the cereal pathogen Fusarium graminearum


10.15 h A. Lysenko, E. Janowska-Sejda, M. Urban, L. Bennett, S. Tsoka, C. Rawlings, K. Hammond-Kosack, M. Saqi

Data integration for network based prediction of pathogenicity associated genes in Fusarium graminearum


10.30 h            Coffee break



11.00 h  J. Menke,Y. Dong and H. C. Kistler

A Role For Tri12p In Trichothecene Accumulation, Toxin Sensitivity And Pathogenicity To Wheat In Fusarium graminearum


11.15 h A. Poli, D. Spadaro and M. L. Gullino

Antagonistic Fusarium oxysporum: pathogenicity gene expression modulated by ectosymbiont bacteria.


11.30     John Ridenour and Burt Bluhm

The HAP complex is a key regulator of growth, morphogenesis, secondary metabolism, and virulence in Fusarium verticillioides.



2.    Secondary metabolism (Chair: Bettina Tudzynski)


11.45 h            Y.Reyes-Dominguez,  S. Boedi, M. Sulyok, G. Wiesenberger, N. Stoppacher, R. Krska, J. Strauss

Heterochromatin influences the secondary metabolite profile in the plant pathogen Fusarium graminearum


12.00 h            M. Montibus, E.Zehraoui, F. Forget and C. Barreau

Does Fgap1 regulate Tri gene expression and trichothecene B production in response to oxidative stress in Fusarium graminearum?


12.15 h            Valeria Montis

Molecular factors regulating fumonisins biosynthesis in the fungal maize pathogen Fusarium verticillioides


12.30 h            P. Wiemann and B. Tudzynski

Distinct control of Fusarium fujikuroi secondary metabolism by light


12.45-14.00 h Lunch


3.    Genomics (Chair: Corby Kistler)


14.00 h            D. Turrà, S. Tarazona, A. Conesa and A. Di Pietro

RNA-seq analysis of the trans-kingdom pathogen Fusarium oxysporum reveals extensive transcriptional reprogramming during infection of fungal plant and mammalian hosts


14.15 h            Christian Sieber, Ulrich Güldener, Martin Münsterkötter

Exploring the genome of Fusarium fujikuroi and related species with emphasis on secondary metabolism gene clusters


14.30 h            V. Vagany, J. Peters, D. Barbara

Genotypic analysis of Fusarium oxysporum associated with Allium cepa in the UK including whole genome analysis


14.45 h            Li-Jun Ma, S. Zhou, T. Shea, S. Young, H. C. Kistler

The feasibility of studying LS chromosomes in the Fusarium oxysporum species complex using next-gen sequencing technology.


15.00-16.00 h Free discussion on genomic projects and collaborations



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