Fungal Genetics Reports #55 , 2008

ISSN for the print version : 1941-4757

ISSN for the online version : 1941-4765



The editorial board has changed the name, “Fungal Genetics Newsletter,” to “Fungal Genetics Reports,” effective this volume (#55).
This change reflects the fact that submissions to this publication are peer-reviewed; the name “Fungal Genetics Newsletter” did not accurately reflect the publication process.

 Matthew S. Sachs, Editor

 Department of Biology

 Texas A&M University

 College Station, TX 77843-3258


Members of the Editorial Board:

            Jesus Aguirre, Instituto de Fisiología Celular, UNAM

            Rodolfo Aramayo, Texas A & M University

            A. John Clutterbuck, Glasgow University

            Michael Freitag, Oregon State University

            Claude Selitrennikoff, University of Colorado Health  Sciences Center, Denver,

            Patrick Shiu, University of Missouri, Columbia

            Gillian Turgeon, Cornell University

            Miriam Zolan, Indiana University, Indiana

            Michael Plamann, Fungal Genetics Stock Center, ex officio





Editorial, publication and distribution costs supported by donations and subscriptions to the Fungal Genetics Newsletter and by grant DBI 0235887 from the Living Stock Collections Program, National Science Foundation.


Distributed by: Fungal Genetics Stock Center, School of Biological Sciences, University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO 64110




Regular Papers



Peter S. Solomon, Simon V.S. Ipcho, James K. Hane, Kar-Chun Tan, Richard P. Oliver.

A quantitative PCR approach to determine gene copy number

Pages 5-8 (Pdf)


Skander Elleuche and Stefanie Pöggeler

Visualization of peroxisomes via SKL-tagged DsRed protein in Sordaria macrospora
Pages 9-12 (Pdf)


Duur K. Aanen

Using the ‘Buller phenomenon’ in experimental evolution studies of basidiomycetes

 Pages 13-14 (Pdf)


Kevin McCluskey and Michael Plamann

Perspectives on genetic resources at the Fungal Genetics Stock Center

Pages 15-17 (Pdf)


Travis A. Clark, Julie M. Guilmette, Daniel Renstrom, and Jeffrey P. Townsend

RNA extraction, probe preparation, and competitive hybridization for transcriptional profiling using Neurospora crassa long-oligomer DNA microarrays

Pages 18-28 (Pdf)


Heather M. Hood, Alan Radford and Matthew S. Sachs

Recommendations for assigning symbols and names to Neurospora crassa genes now that its genome has been sequenced.
Pages 29-31 (Pdf)


Zipi Resheat-Eini, Alex Zelter, Rena Gorovits, Nick D. Read and Oded Yarden

The Neurospora crassa colonial temperature sensitive 2, 4 and 5 (cot-2, cot-4 and cot-5) genes encode regulatory and structural proteins required for hyphal elongation and branching
Pages 32-36 (Pdf)

Aric Wiest, Michael Plamann, and Kevin McCluskey

Demonstration that the Neurospora crassa mutation un-4 is a single nucleotide change in the tim16 gene encoding a subunit of the mitochondrial inner membrane translocase

Pages 37-39 (Pdf)

M. L. Heidenreich, A. D. Budde, An Zhiqiang, and  Sally A. Leong
Disruption of a yeast ADE6 gene homolog in Ustilago maydis
Pages 40-43 (Pdf)


Wilson Low and Gregory Jedd

An improved plasmid for transformation of Neurospora crassa using the pan-2 gene as a selectable marker

Pages 44-45 (Pdf)


Supplementary Materials


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Neurospora Bibliography


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