Fungal Genetics Conference History

The Fungal Genetics Conference started as the Neurospora Information Conference and the first  meeting was held  in La Jolla, California March 2-4, 1961. Frederick de Serres was the chairman and D. M. Bonner, D. D. Perkins, R. W. Barratt and N. H. Horowitz made up the conference committee. The proceedings were published by the US National Academy of Sciences as their National Research Council publication number 950 (Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 62-60014). In subsequent years, meeting proceedings were published in the Fungal Genetics Newsletter. Beginning in 1997, the proceedings of the meetings were published as an online supplement to the FGN, and after 2008, the Fungal Genetics Reports.

Neurospora Information Conference

Year Location Scientific organizers
1961 La Jolla, CA F.J. de Serres, D. M. Bonner, D. D. Perkins, R. W. Barratt, N. H. Horowitz
1964 Rice University, Houston, TX F. J. de Serres, M. C. Case, J. A. DeMoss, R. H. Davis, V.W. Woodward
1966 Oak Ridge, TN B. M. Eberhart, T. H. Pittenger, D. R. Stadler, D. O. Woodward, R. H. Davis
1968 Asilomar, CA D. O. Woodward, M. Fling, D. Newmeyer, J. A. DeMoss, D. R. Stadler
1970 Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL A. G. DeBusk
1972 University of Texas, Austin, TX R. P. Wagner
1974 Asilomar, CA D. D. Perkins, S. Brody, N. Horowitz, D. Stadler, D. O. Woodward
1976 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC F. J. de Serres, E. Barry, W. Bates, B. Eberhart, J. Wilson, S. Gross
1978 Louisana State University, Baton Rouge, LA H. D. Braymer, R. Metzenberg, D. Perkins, M. Sargent, C. Slayman, D. Stadler
1980 Asilomar, CA J. Feldman, R. Davis
1982 University of Georgia, Athens, GA M. Case, H. B. Howe, B. Bowman, D. Edwards, R. Garrett
1984 Asilomar, CA B. Bowman, R. Bowman
1986 Columbia South Carolina N. C. Mishra

At the "14th Fungal Biology Conference" in 1987, the Fungal Genetics Policy Committee decided to change the name of the meeting to the "Fungal Genetics Conference" to align the name with the "Fungal Genetics Stock Center" and the "Fungal Genetics Newsletter." They also decided to meet at Asilomar in spring of odd numbered years. This was to serve as counterpoint to the Gordon Conference on Fungal Metabolism which was held on the East coast of the US on even numbered years.

Fungal Genetics Conference at Asilomar

Year Invited Speaker Organizers
1987   R. Weiss
1989     Karl Esser R. Garrett
1991 David Perkins L. Casselton J. Dunlap
1993 Cardy Raper G. Faugeron B. Tyler
1995 Robert Metzenberg G. May P. de Wit
1997 Lorna Casselton L. Glass M. Hynes
1999 Rowland Davis R. Metzenberg R. Kahmann
2001 N. Ron Morris R. Davis M-J. Daboussi
2003 Hans VanEtten N. R. Morris A. Osbourn
2005 Joan Bennett B.G. Turgeon C von den Hondel
2007 June Kwon Chung B.  Howlett J. Heitman
2009 Claudio Scazzocchio J. Dunlap F. Govers
2011 Salomon Bartnicki-Garcia L. Kohn S. Osmani
2013 Regine Kahmann K. Borkovich F. Martin