Chromosome VII Map

The top of the diagram represents the conventional left of the chromosome, and the bottom, the right. See below and VII Linkage data for explanation.

Mitotic map

The vertical lines on the left of the map show mitotic mapping. Lines crossing a bold vertical line indicate markers ordered relative to each other and the centromere by this method. Selective markers are arrowed. Thinner vertical lines indicate markers mitotically mapped distal to the selective markers, which are therfore not ordered relative to each other by this method. The centromere is shown as a filled circle. Open boxes show markers located by heterozygosity in translocation disomics to chromosome segments separated by the translocation indicated. See Chromosome VII data for references.

Meiotic map

Vertical lines indicate links whose orientation has been determined relative to neighbouring genes. For markers connected by horizontal or diagonal lines, the distance is recorded, but orientation is not. The main column of markers represents a backbone of loci which, except at telomeres and in cases of well-established close linkage, have been mapped to at least one adjacent gene on each side. It is usually, but not always, implied that three-point crosses have been employed in such mapping. The number of bullets before and after each gene denotes the number of linkages noted from the literature, to markers respectively left and right of the gene.

Markers on the right hand side of the diagram are those less precisely mapped. In many cases their positions have been related to markers in only one direction; in these cases, or where one distance is markedly shorter than the other, only the distance to the nearest marker is shown.

See Linkage data for genes located to VII but not mapped further.

or {}: Cloned gene
* Recombination probably reduced by heterozygosity for a translocation or inversion.

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