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Strains are available from John Clutterbuck, Division of Molecular Genetics, Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Anderson College, Glasgow G11 6NU, Scotland, U.K. email:
No charge is made for strains for academic use. The charge for industrial use is £50 per strain.

Mapped genes are generally listed in order of chromosome number, and from left to right along each chromosome, markers on different chromosomes being separated by a semicolon.
For explanation of gene symbols see locus lists in this web site or Clutterbuck, A.J. 1998 Aspergillus nidulans. Trends in Genetics supplement: Genetic nomenclature guide. 12-13
Note: most Glasgow strains carry the veA1 mutation. Those (other than wild strains) that retain the wild-type allele are listed as ve+

Marker index

Note that for chromosome marker strains, the first number indicates the chromosome. An initial "0" indicates an original mutant, irrespective of chromosomal location. Initial "9", "10" or "00" indicate master strains, teaching strains and wild types, respectively.

Chromosome I marker strains (Strains 1...)

Chromosome II marker strains (Strains 2...)

Chromosome III marker strains (Strains 3...)

Chromosome IV marker strains (Strains 4...)

Chromosome V marker strains (Strains 5...)

Chromosome VI marker strains (Strains 6...)

Chromosome VII marker strains (Strains 7...)

Chromosome VIII marker strains (Strains 8...)

Original mutants (01-0100)

Original mutants (0101-0200)

Original mutants (0201 onwards)

Master strains (Strains 9...)

Teaching strains (Strains 10...)

Wild types (Strains 00...)

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Abbreviations etc.
F: Free from translocations. T or TT: One or more translocations. Inv: Inversion.
N: nitrous acid. SP: spontaneous. X: X-rays. UV: ultraviolet light. D: diethyl sulphate. NTG: N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine.
Sources: (strain numbers in the FGSC column, if prefixed by initials shown below are the donor's strain numbers)
(EMG): "Experiments in Microbial Genetics" ed Clowes & Hayes 1968, (FGSC): Fungal Genetics Stock Centre, (Brist): Bristol, (PT): A. Aleksenko, (BWB): B.W. Bainbridge, (PB): P. Borgia, (CJB), WG: C.J. Bos, (Camb) C,a: Cambridge, (GD): G. Dorn, (EK) M: E. Käfer, Montreal, (SDM): S.D. Martinelli, (CFR) R: C.F. Roberts, (RFR): R.F. Rosenberger, (CS): C. Scazzocchio, (HSL): H. Sealy-Lewis, MSA,C,D,E,F,G: Master strains (McCully & Forbes 1965)