Identified cosmids in the pWe15 and pLORIST2 libraries

The name of the gene is followed by the cosmids it hybridizes to, and any relevant notes. Individual clones may be ordered from the FGSC.

More genes with possible chromosome identity

Genes with no specific chromosome identity

RNA positive clones (all in pWE15 set):
2:C7, 2:F6, 4:A9, 4:B10, 4:E9, 5:B10, 6:C1, 6:C7, 6:D2, 6:D11, 6:G12, 7:A4, 7:D2, 7:G1, 8:C9, 8:D1, 8:D9, 8:F5, 8:F11, 9:B5, 9:C11, 9:C12, 9:F2, 9:F10, 10:B5, 10:C11, 10:C12, 10:F2, 11:A6, 11:A8, 11:C3, 11:D5, 11:E11, 11:G10, 12:H4, 13:F5, 13:F6, 14:D3, 15:C9, 15:D11, 15:E9, 15:F1, 15:H4, 15:H5, 16:H9, 17:B5, 17:C2, 17:C4, 17:G2, 18:A4, 18:A10, 19:E2, 19:G7, 19:H2, 21:E12, 22:B4, 22:B7, 22:E8, 22:H10, 23:G2, 24:C11, 24:F7, 24:H7, 25:D2, 25:D7, 27:F9, 28:B6, 28:F10, 28:H1, 29:C4, 29:D5, 30:D6, 30:G3, 31:A2, 31:E8

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