Logos for recent Fungal Genetics Conferences

25th FGC (2009)


 24th FGC (2007)
(Tony Griffiths)


23rd FGC (2005)
(Ellen Kellner)



 22nd FGC (2003) 
(Tony Griffiths)




21st FGC (2001)
(Tony Griffiths)


20th FGC (1999)
(Kevin McCluskey)


Logos from other meetings


Neurospora 2010
(Diego Delgado-Alvarez)


Neurospora 2008
(Al Radford)


Neurospora 2006
(Tony Griffiths)

BYFF 2009 (K. McCluskey, after Beadle)


Logos are submitted to the FGSC and selected by a vote by the Fungal Genetics Policy Committee or the Neurospora Policy Committee, as appropriate.