Fusarium Workshop Schedule

Sunday March 22
9:00- 12:00  Organizer: Bob Procter



What Can You Learn by Comparing Genomes?

Lijun Ma, Broad Institute


Investigation of a Pathogenicity Factor-Rich Micro-Region in the Fusarium graminearum Genome

Andrew Beacham, Rothamsted Research


Nectria haematococca Genomics: the Supernumerary Chromosomes

Hans VanEtten, University of Arizona


Repeat-Induced Point Mutation (RIP) in Fusarium graminearum

Michael Freitag, Oregon State University


Gene Replacement Technology in Fusarium graminearum

Rasmus Frandsen, University of Copenhagen


Gene Regulation in Fusarium fujikuroi

Philipp Wiemann, University of Münster


Fusarium Population Studies on Two Continents

Cees Waalwijk, Plant Research International


Cyber Infrastructure for Fusarium,

Seogchan Kang, Pennsylvania State University


SFB F37: Fusarium research supported by the Austrian Science fund FWF

Gerlinde Wiesenberger, BOKU University Vienna


Business Meeting

Frances Trail, Michigan State University, and Hans VanEtten, University of Arizona