Genes beginning with "z"

zip-1 : zip-like-1

IL. Linked to cyt-21 (0T/18 asci) (1446, 1452).

Cloned and partially sequenced. GenBank AA898030, AA901718. cDNA clone NP5E10.

Encodes a bzip protein related to the human transcription factor AP-1 (c-jun) and to the CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein of Caenorhabditis (1446, 1634a).

znr : zinc resistant

Three nonidentical strains show 2- to 3-fold resistance to Zn2+ in liquid medium. They differ, however, in inhibition of hyphal growth rate by zinc (znr-3 > znr-2 > znr-1) and in cross-resistance to cobalt and copper (1699). The mutant strains called znr-1 and znr-2 may be complex, having been obtained after repeated subculture on selective medium and being associated with a IV-linked chromosome rearrangement.

znr-1 : zinc resistant-1

IV? Associated with a chromosome aberration linked to IV.

Not cross-resistant to cobalt or copper (1699).

znr-2 : zinc resistant-2

IV? Associated with a chromosome aberration linked to IV.

Cross-resistant to both cobalt and copper (1699).

znr-3 : zinc resistant-3

I. Linked to mat (1699).

Selected for growth on 16 mM Zn2+ in agar medium. The rate of zinc uptake is reduced. Cross-resistant to cobalt (1699).

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