Appendix 5

Expressed Sequences from Different Stages of the Neurospora Life Cycle: Putative Identification of cDNAs

Shown here are Neurospora Expressed Sequence Tags that encode proteins previously characterized in Neurospora as well as those with significant sequence identity to proteins in other organisms. RNA was isolated at different stages of the life cycle or under different conditions: germinating conidia (C), mycelia (M), perithecia (P), and unfertilized mycelial mats floating on liquid Wesetergaard-Mitchell crossing medium (W). For details of methodology, see Nelson et al. (1997) Expressed sequences from conidial, mycelial, and sexual stages of Neurospora crassa. (Fungal Genet. Biol. 21:348-363). The list reproduced here is from Dolan P., D.O.. Natvig, and M. A. Nelson (2000). Fungal Genet.Newsl. 47.

The EGAD Cellular role classification scheme [White and Kerlavage(1996). Methods Enzymol. 266:24-40] has been used whenever possible. Those identified Neurospora ORFs lacking homologs in the EGAD clasification were classified as appropriate under secondary metabolism, etc. Only those sequences wtih BLASTX P/E values of 10-5 or lower (highly or moderately significant) are reported in this table, except as noted. Fourteen sequences falling within this range were determined to reflect spurious matches (e.g., proline-rich regions) and not actual homology; those sequences were not included in this table. As additional sequence information becomes available, expanded versions of this table can be accessed at the New Mexico Genome Project Web site:

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