Table of Contents
for the On-line abstracts from the
European Congress on Fungal Genetics #3
Held March 27-30, 1996
Munster, Germany

Lecture Abstracts

Poster Abstracts
Fungal-Host Interaction and Signal Transduction
Fungal Transposons
Molecular Karyotyping and Gene Mapping
Beta-lactam Antibiotics
Gene Expression
Novel Molecular Tools
Extracellular Enzymes
Free Topics

List of Participants

The Fungal Genetics Newsletter Number 43:B contains the program and abstracts from the 3rd European Conference on Fungal Genetics which was held March 27-30 1996 in Münster Germany. The material contained herein was scanned from the program book and edited at the FGSC. While we strive for accuracy, the possibility that errors were introduced during this process cannot be discounted and the FGSC staff takes full responsibility for these. If you would like to obtain a copy of these proceedings, please contact the FGSC.

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