The Fungal Genetics Stock Center
Aspergillus fumigatus
FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
1184   AfuEcm33   KO     More info
1185   AfuEcm33   KO     More info
1100   A. fumigatus AF293       More info
1137   pyrG1       More info
1138   pyrG1, argB1       More info
1139   pyrG1, lys B1       More info
1141   WVU 1943       More info
1142   WVU2026       More info
1151   pyrG^AF::Delta KU80       More info
1152   wt Aspergillus fumigatus       More info
1157   akuA::ptrA       More info
1158   akuA::loxP-hygro^R/tk       More info
1159   akuA::loxP       More info
1160   DeltaKU80 pyrG-       More info
1163   A. fumigatus CEA10 derivative with A. niger pyrG Mating type 1-1       More info
1174   AfpyrG1 delta Af fluG::AfpyrG+       More info
1175   AfpyrG1 delta Af flbA::AfpyrG+       More info
1176   AfpyrG1 delta Af brlA::AfpyrG+       More info
1177   AfpyrG1 delta Af flbA88       More info
1178   AfpyrG1 gpaA^Q204L AfpyrG1+       More info
1183   Afu3g0899001   D1     More info
1191   pyrG89; argB2,#xlnA -cre-trpC argB       More info
1192   pyrG89; argB2,#xlnA -cre-trpC argB       More info
1193   pyrG89; argB2,#xlnA -cre-trpC argB       More info
1194   wA3;pyroA4;hbr1       More info
1195   wA3;pyrG89;hbrA2       More info
1196   wA3;pyroA4;hbrB3       More info
1197   wA3;pyroA4;hbr4       More info
1198   pabaA1,biA1;hbr5       More info
1199   wA3;pyroA4;hbr6       More info
1200   fwA1;pyrG89;pabaA1;hbr7       More info
1201   fwA1;pyrG89;pabaA1;hbr8       More info
1202   wA3;pyroA4;hbr9       More info
1203   wA3;pyroA4;hbr10       More info
1204   pyrG; AnpyrG::ftmA       More info
1205   pyrG; AnpyrG ftmA       More info
1206   pyrG; AnpyrG::psoA       More info
1207   pyrG; AnpyrG psoA       More info
1208   pabaA1,pyrG89;uaY9,fwA1;alcA(p)::ftmA       More info
1209   pabaA1,pyrG89;uaY9,fwA1;alcA(p)::ftmA alcA(p)::ftmB       More info
1210   pabaA1,pyrG89;uaY9,fwA1;alcA(p)::ftmA alcA(p)::ftmB       More info
1211   pabaA1,pyrG89;uaY9,fwA1;alcA(p)::ftmA alcA(p)::ftmB       More info
1212   fwA1;pyrG89,pabaA1,uaY9;alcA(p)::hbrB       More info
1213   fwA1,pyrG89,pabaA1,uaY9::alcA(p)bemA,pyr4       More info
1214   pabaA1,pyrG89;argB2,ΔnkuB::pyrG;fwA(uaY9)(galO)       More info
1215   fwA,uaY9,pyrG89,pabaA1::alcA(p)GFPacuD,pyr4       More info
1216   yA2;wA3;argB2,methH2;argB alcA(p)::bemA       More info
1217   yA2;wA3;argB2,methH2;ΔbemA::argB       More info
1218   pabaA1,pyrG89;argB2,ΔnkuB::pyrG;ΔbemA::argB;fwA(uaY9)(galO)       More info
1219   yA2;wA3;argB2,methH2;argB2 alcA(p)::ΔSH3-1bemA       More info
1220   pabaA1,pyrG89;bemA::RFP pyrG;uaY9,fwA1       More info
1221   pabaA1;bema::RFP pyrG;pantoB2,prn::sGFP-TYG;(pyrG89;uaY9)       More info
1222   sepA::sGFP pyrG,pyrG89;wA3;argB2;pyroA4,nkuA::argB;sE15       More info
1223   sepA::sGFPpyrG,pyrG89;wA3;bemA::RFPpyrG;sE15(argB2;nkuA::argB;uaY9,fwA1)       More info
1224   sepA::sGFPpyrG89;argB2;ΔbemA::argB;sE15,fwA1(ΔnkuB::pyrG;nkuA;argB;uaY9)       More info
1225   biA1,bgaO,argB2::acvA(p)uidA ipnA(p)lacZ       More info
1226   biA1,bgaO,argB2::acvA(p)       More info
1227   yA2,methH2,ΔacvA,argB2::pJK1{argB+,alcA(p)-domA-acvA-lacZ}       More info
1228   yA2,pabaA1       More info
1229   pabaA1,pyrG89;uaY9,fwA1       More info
1230   wA3,pyroA4       More info
1231   wA3;pyrG89;argB2;pyroA4,nkuA::argB;sE15;cotA::RFPpyrG       More info
1232   fwA1,pabaA1::alcA(p)cotA,pyr-4::argB,prnAGFP       More info
1233   biA1;argB2;galO;argB alcA(p)::cotA       More info
1234   OliA1       More info
1235   pabaA1, pyrG89;uaY9, fwA1; alcA(p)-laccase       More info
1236   A. fumigatus       More info
1237   A. fumigatus       More info
1238   A. fumigatus       More info
1239   A. fumigatus       More info
1240   A. fumigatus       More info
1241   A. fumigatus       More info
1258   gGFP, hyg^R       More info
1259   Aspergillus fumigatus, clinical isolate AF210       More info
1260   Aspergillus fumigatus, clinical isolate AF10       More info

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