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Aspergillus niger
FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
A730   cspA1 hisD4 lysA7 leuA1 nicA1 pabA1     II III IV V VI   More info
A731   cspA1 fwnA1 hisD4 lysA7 leuA1 nicA1 pabA1     II I II III IV V VI   More info
A732   A. niger wild type       More info
A733   cspA1     II   More info
A734   cspA1 metB10     II V   More info
A735   cspA1 nicA1 pabA1     II V VI   More info
A736   cspA1 fwnA1     II I   More info
A737   cspA1 nicA1 bioA1     II V VI   More info
A738   cspA1 nicA1     II V   More info
A739   cspA1 fwnA1 lysA7     II I III   More info
A740   cspA1 hisD4     II II   More info
A741   cspA1 leuA1     II IV   More info
A742   cspA1 pyrA5     II III   More info
A797   cspA1 cysA2     III III   More info
A798   cspA1 argL2     III III   More info
A799   cspA1;argA1     III;V   More info
A800   cspA1;nicA1;pdxA2     III;V;VI   More info
A801   cspA1;trpA1     III;II   More info
A802   cspA1;olvA1;argF8     III;I;IV   More info
A803   cspA1;fwnA1;trpA1;lysA7 bioA1;leuA1;nicA1;pabA1     III;I;II;III III;IV;V;VI   More info
A804   cspA1;fwnA1;hisD4;lysA7 bioA1;leuA1;metB1;pabA1     III;I;II;III III;IV;V;VI   More info
A805   cspA1;fwnA1;trpA1;argB2;leuA1;nicA1;pabA1     III;I;II;III;IV;V;VI   More info
A806   cspA1;fwnA1;hisD4;bioA1;lysA7;leuA1;nicA1;pdxA2     III;I;II;III III;IV;V;VI   More info
A807   cspA1;olvA1;hisD4;bioA1 lysA7;argF8;nicA1;pabA1     III III   More info
A875   cspA1;olvA1;proC9       More info
A876   cspA1;cysB3     II;I   More info
A877   cspA1;proC3     II;III   More info
A878   cspA1;lysB2     II;VI   More info
A879   cspA1;lysC5     II;IV   More info
A880   cspA1;argD6     II;III   More info
A881   cspA1 hisA1     II II   More info
A882   cspA1;metC3     II I   More info
A883   cspA1;gryA1;leuB3;argE5     II;--;IV;VI   More info
A884   cspA1;argE5     II;VI   More info
A885   cspA1;cysA2;leuA1;argA1     II;III;IV;V   More info
A886   cspA1;olvA1;adeA1     II;I;IV   More info
A887   cspA1;olvA1;argG11       More info
A888   cspA1;argB13 nicA1     II;V V   More info
A889   cspA1;adeB2;nicA1     II;III;V   More info
A890   cspA1 adeC3     II II   More info
A891   cspA1 hisE5;nicA3     II II;III   More info
A892   cspA1;fwnA1;adeD5     II;I;IV   More info
A893   cspA1;fwnA1;adeE6     II;I;III   More info
A894   cspA1;fwnA1 metD12     II;I I   More info
A895   cspA1;ntrA2 fwnA1     II;I I   More info
A896   cspA1;fwnA23;pabB2 trpA1     II;I;II II   More info
A897   cspA1;brnA2;metB2     II;I;V   More info
A898   cspA1;nicA1;proA4     II;V;VI   More info
A899   cspA1 leuE11;xhiA1;nicA1     II II;III;V   More info
A900   cspA1;olvA1;bioB2;niaD2     II;I;III;VIII   More info
A901   cspA1;olvA1;bioB2;cnxB3     II;I;III;IV   More info
A902   cspA1;olvA1;bioB2;cnxC5     II;I;III;IV   More info
A903   cspA1;cnxD6;metB10     II;III;V   More info
A904   cspA1;olvA1;bioB2;cnxE8     II;I;III;VI   More info
A905   cspA1;olvA1;bioB2;nirA3     II;I;III;VIII   More info
A906   cspA1;proB5;metB10     II;III;V   More info
A907   cspA1;bioA1;leuA1;nicA1;pabA1;oliC2;nirA1     II;III;IV;V;VI;VII;VIII   More info
A908   cspA1;nicA1;adeF12     II;V;VII   More info
A909   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2;nicA1     II;I I;V   More info
A910   cspA1;cnxG13 fwnA1 metD12;pabA1     II;I I I;VI   More info
A911   cspA1 hisD4;adeG13     II II;III   More info
A912   cspA1 hisF6;nicA1     II II;V   More info
A913   cspA1;cysC5;nicA1     II;IV;V   More info
A914   cspA1;nicA1;argK16     II;V;VI   More info
A915   cspA1;thiA1;metB10     II;III;V   More info
A916   cspA1;fwnA1;pabA1 cnxA1 pyrB4     II;I;VI VI VI   More info
A917   cspA1 pyrC7;metB10     II II;V   More info
A918   cspA1;fwnA1;leuD8 lysC27     II;I;IV IV   More info
A919   cspA1 hisG7;metB10     II II;V   More info
A920   cspA1;fwnA1;pyrA5;nicB5     II;I;III;VII   More info
A921   cspA1;cnxF12;nicA1     II;I;V   More info
A922   cspA1;olvA1;bioB2;crnA11     II;I;III;I   More info
A923   cspA1;bioA1;serA1     II;III;V   More info
A924   cspA1;fwnA1;argH12;lysA7;hisC3;pheA1;pdxA2;nicB5;trpB2     II;I;II;III;IV;V;VI;VII;VIII   More info
A925   cspA1;fwnA1;argH12;lysA7;leuA1;hisB2;pdxA2;cnxC5;trpB2     II;I;II;III;IV;V;VI;VII;VIII   More info
A926   cspA1;fwnA1;trpA1;pyrA5;hisC3;pheA1;pdxA2;nicB5;crnB12     II;I;II;III;IV;V;VI;VII;VIII   More info
A927   cspA1;metB10;adeF12 cnxC5     II;V;VII VII   More info
A928   cspA1;pdxB3;nicA1     II;III;V   More info
A929   cspA1;bioA1;pabC5     II;III;VI   More info
A930   cspA1;nicA1;pabD6     II;V;VI   More info
A931   cspA1;bioA1;pyrE9     II;III;VIII   More info
A932   cspA1;bioA1;lysF29     II;III;VII   More info
A933   cspA1;bioA1 proD6     II;III III   More info
A934   cspA1;bioA1;trpE6     II;III;VIII   More info
A935   cspA1;fwnA1;metB11;proE7     II;I;V;VI   More info
A936   cspA1;fwnA1;argH12;pyrA5;leuA1;pheA1;lysD25;oliC2;crnB12     II;I;II;III;IV;V;VI;VII;VIII   More info
A937   cspA1;fwnA1;bioA1 pyrA5 hisH8;pheA1     II;I;III III III;V   More info
A938   cspA1;olvA1;leuC5;pyrD8     II;I;II;VIII   More info
A939   cspA1 hisI9;bioA1     II II;III   More info
A940   cspA1;ntrC4;pheA1     II;IV;V   More info
A941   cspA1;bioA1;ntrD5     II;III;IV   More info
A942   cspA1;fwnA1;argH12;pyrA5;ntrB3;metB11;lysD25;oliC2;crnB12     II;I;II;III;IV;V;VI;VII;VIII   More info
A943   cspA1;fwnA1;trpA1;bioA1 lysE28;pdxA1;crnB12     II;I;II;III III;VI;VIII   More info
A954   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2; choA101; nicA1     ; I;III;V   More info
A955   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2 ;cysA101;nicA1     ;I;III;V   More info
A956   cspA1; fwnA1;choA101;thiB101;pdxA2     ;I;III;IV;VI   More info
A957   cspA1;fwnA1;choA101;pdxA2;nicB101     ;I;III;VI;VII   More info
A958   cspA1;fwnA1;leuA1;pdxA2;sftC102     ;I;IV;VI;VII   More info
A959   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2;choA101;pdxA2;sftB103     ;I;III;VI;?   More info
A960   cspA1; fwnA1; pyrG5 choA101; nicB5     ;I;III;VII   More info
A961   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2; fpaD19;choA101 lysA14; (+/- ntrB3); metB11; nicB101     ;I-V;;;;;VII   More info
A962   cspA1;fwnA1;fpaD19;lysA14;ntrB3 thiB101;oliC2     ;I-IV;;;;VII   More info
A963   cspA1;fwnA1;choA101;pdxA2;oliC2 sftC101;crnB12     ;I;III;VI-VIII;;   More info
A964   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2;choA101;niaD2     ;I;III;VIII   More info
A965   cspA1; olvA1; bioB2; leu A1; niaD2     ;I;III;IV;VIII   More info
A966   cspA1fwnA1;lysA7;pdxA2; niaD2     ;I;III;VI;VII   More info
A967   cspA1;acrA1 brmA2; pyrG5; metB11;cnxC5; crnB12     ;I;III;V;VII-VIII   More info
A968   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2; pyrG5; pdxA2; nicB5     ;I;III;VI;VII   More info
A969   cspA1;fwnA1;pyrG5; metB10     ;I;III;V   More info
A970   cspA1;fwnA1;pyrG5 choA101; pdxA2; nicB5     ;I;III;VI;VII   More info
A971   cspA1; brnA2;pyrG5;metB10;nicB5     ;I;III;V;VII   More info
A972   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2; pyrG5; niaD2     ;I;III;VIII   More info
A973   cspA1; fwnA1; fpaD19; lysA14; pdxA2; nicB101     ;I;II;III;VI;VII   More info
A974   cspA1;fwnA1;leuA1;pdxA2;sftC101     ;I;IV;VI;VII   More info
A975   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2;fpaD19;choA101;pdxA2;sftC101;crnB12     ;I;IV;VI;VII;VIII   More info
A976   cspA1;fwnA1;fpaD19;choA101;pdxA2;sftC101; crnB12     ;I;II;III;VI;VII;VIII   More info
A977   cspA1;fwnA1;leuA1;pdxA2;oliC2 sftC101; crnB12     ;I;IV;VI;VII;VIII   More info
A978   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2;argH12;choA101;ntrB3;metB11;pdxA2;oliC2;crnB12     ;I-VIII   More info
A979   cspA1;fwnA1;fpaD19;lysA14;ntrB3;metB11;pdxA2;oliC2;crnB12     ;(I-VIII)   More info
A980   cspA1; fwnA1;fpaD19;choA101;ntrB3;metB11;pdxA2;oliC2;crnB12     ;(I-VIII)   More info
A981   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2;fpaD19;choA101;thiB101;metB11;pdxA2;oliC2     ;(I-VII)   More info
A982   cspA1;fwnA1 fpaD19;choA101;thiB101;metB11pdxA2;oliC2;crnB12     ; (I-VIII)   More info
A983   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2;fpaD19;lysA14;ntrB3 thiB101; metB11;pdxA2;oliC2;crnB12     ;(I-VIII)   More info
A984   cspA1;fwnA1;fpaD19;lysA14;ntrB3;metB11;pdxA2;oliC2;crnB12     ;(I-VIII)   More info
A985   cspA1;acrA1 brnA2;fpaD19;choA101;thiB101;metB11;pdxA2;oliC2;crnB12     ;(I-VIII)   More info
A1099   A. niger Lemore       More info
A1121   A. niger       More info
A1143   A. niger genome strain       More info
A1144   A. niger genome strain       More info
A1513   A. niger genome strain       More info
A1179   delta kusA, pyrG-       More info
A1180   Delta kusA       More info
A1181   Delta kusA pyrG-       More info
A1182   Delta kusA::AmdS       More info
A1279   KusA::amdS; pyrG   KO     More info
A1516   Aspergillus niger       More info

Please remember, Aspergillus strains should have the letter "A" before their FGSC number.

For help, contact the FGSC.

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