The Fungal Genetics Stock Center
Aspergillus awamori
FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
A808   bwnA1;leuA1;proA1     I;III;V   More info
A809   ebrA1 greA1;morA1;leuA1;pabA1;proA1     I I;II;III;IV;V   More info
A810   bwnA1;morA1;leuA1;pabA1;proA1     I;II;III;IV;V   More info
A811   greA1;morA1 arg2;proA1     I;II II;V   More info
A812   greA1;proA1     I;V   More info

Please remember, Aspergillus strains should have the letter "A" before their FGSC number.

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