The Fungal Genetics Stock Center
A. nidulans Aberration Strains
FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
1   biA1;ssbA1;choA1 T(I;VII)   aB122   IR;VIIR   More info
27   pabaA1 biA1;wA3 T1(VI;VII)     IR IR;IIL   More info
29   pabaA1 biA1;coA1 T1(VI;VII)     IR IR;VIIIR   More info
36   pabaA1 yA2;AcrA1;coA1     IR IR;IIL;VIIIL   More info
40   biA1;sA1 T1(V;VI)     IR;IIIL   More info
50   adE20 biA1 T(II;VII) Ab?     IR IR   More info
111   proA2 biA1 T1(II;III)     IR IR   More info
125   riboA1 biA1;AcrA1;pyroA4;sB3;nicB8 T1(I;VIII)     IL IR;IIL;IVR;VIR;VIIR   More info
129   pabaA1 yA2 adE20;choA1 T1(I;VII)     IR IR IR;VIIR   More info
212   galD5 biA1;wA3 T1(III->VIII)     IL IR;IIL   More info
250   yA2;frA1 palC4 pabaB22 pyroA4 T1(IV;VIII)     IR;IVR IVR IVR IVR   More info
260   biA1;phenA3;nirA14 T1(I;IV)     IR;IIIR;VIIIR   More info
276   yA2;frA1 pabaB22 pyroA4 T1(IV;VIII)     IR;IVR IVR IVR   More info
304   proA1 pabaA1 yA2;phenA2 T1(I;VIII)     IR IR IR;IIIL   More info
309   proA2 pabaA18 yA2 T1(III;VIII)     IR IR IR   More info
316   biA1;sA2 T1(V;VIII)     IR;IIIL   More info
333   pabaA108 biA1;uvsB110 T2(V;VI)     IR IR;IVL   More info
352   riboA1 adG14 yA2;phenA2 T1(I;VIII)     IL IL IR;IIIR   More info
354   AcrA1;lysB5;T1(I;VII)     IIL;VR   More info
355   anA1 adE20 biA1;wA2;lysB5;T2(I;VII)     IL IR IR;IIR;VL   More info
370   adG14;sA1;pyroA4;chaA1 T1(V;VI)     IL;IIIL;IVR;VIIIR   More info
372   biA1;sA2;chaA2 T1(V;VII)     IR;IIIL;VIIIR   More info
373   anA1;sA1;lysB5;chaA1 T1(V;VI)     IL;IIIL;VL;VIIIR   More info
395   biA1;smsA61 sB3;lysD20 T1(III;VII)     IR;VIR;VIIR   More info
398   biA1;lysB5;sD50 T2(I;VIII)     IR;VL;VIIIR   More info
413   pabaA1;sA2;chaA2 T1(V;VIII)     IR;IIIL;VIIIR   More info
414   riboA1 proA2 yA2;ActA1 T1(II;III)     IL IL IR;IIIL   More info
418   pabaA1 yA2;lysD20 T1(III;VII)     IR IR;VIIR   More info
429   pabaA1 adE20 biA1 T(II;VII) Ab?     IR IR IR   More info
430   suA1adE20 riboA1 proA1 pabaA1 yA2 adE20;pyroA4;phenB6;sF211 malA1;chaA1 T1(I;VII)     IL IL IL IR IR IR;IVR;VIIR VIIR;VIIIR   More info
431   galD5 suA1adE20 riboA1 adE20 biA1;sD50 T2(I;VIII) fwA2 facC102     IL IL IL IR IR;VIIIR VIIIR VIIIR   More info
434   fpaB37 anA1 pabaA1 yA2 adE20;sD50 T2(I;VIII) cnxB2 chaA1 galC7     IL IL IR IR IR;VIIIR VIIIR VIIIR VIIIR   More info
435   frA1 T1(IV;VIII) palC4 pabaB22 pyroA4;chaA1 T1(IV;VIII)     IVR IVR IVR IVR;VIIIR   More info
438   fpaA91 anA1 adE20 biA1;wA2;lysB5;choA1 T1(I;VII)     IL IL IR IR;IIL;VL;VIIR   More info
447   anA1 yA2;wA3;adI50 galA1 ActA1;sF211 lysD20 T(III;VII) choA1 nicB8     IL IR;IIL;IIIL IIIL IIIL;VIIR VIIR VIIR VIIR   More info
470   proA1 biA1;methG1 fwA1;T1(IV;VIII) chaA1     IL IR;IVL IVR;VIIIL   More info
482   bwA1 sbA3;phenB6 oliC2;riboB2 T1(VI;VII)     VIR VIR;VIIR VIIR;VIIIR   More info
518   AcrA1;lysB5 facA303 hxA2;lacA1 sB3 sbA3 T1(V;VI)     IIL;VL VR VR;VIR VIR VIR   More info
519   suA1adE20 riboA1 proA1 pabaA1 yA2 adE20;wA2;oliC2 malA1 choA1 nicB8 T1(VIR;VIIR)     IL IL IL IR IR IR;IIL;VIIR VIIR VIIR VIIR   More info
520   pabaA1;AcrA1;sB3 sbA3;phenB6;riboB2 T1(VI;VII)     IR;IIL;VIR VIR;VIIR;VIIIR   More info
521   suA1adE20;AcrA1;galA1;pyroA4;pA2 facA303 riboD5;sbA3 T1(VR;VIR)     IL;IIL;IIIL;IVR;VR VR VR;VIR   More info
605   biA1;AcrA1;nicA2 T2(I;III)     IR;IIL;VL   More info
647   yA2;ve+ T1(III->VIII;IV)     IR   More info
828   biA1;T2(I;III);AcrA1;nicA2;musM225     VIR (musM)   More info
843   pabaA6;sbA3;musO226 T2(III;VII) choA1       More info
844   musP234 T1(VII II) oliC2 pantoB100 nicB8       More info
847   musS224 T3(III;VII)pantoB100       More info

Please remember, Aspergillus strains should have the letter "A" before their FGSC number.

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