FGSC #8087 Mating Types: A Species: Neurospora intermedia
Genotype : N. intermedia
Alleles: Walkerston Bee Baskets
Stock No. from Other Collection: P4032
Depositor of Strain: BCT
Strain of Opposite Mating Type: 0
Perkins ID Number: P4032
Results of cross to Neurospora crassa: less than 10% x fl
Results of cross to Neurospora intermedia: 90% x 8136
Comments: con.iso.# 1 from P4244
Spore Killer: ?
Collection Site: WALKERSTON BEE BASKETS,Queensland Australia
Site Data: per D.S.;Bees on f.mud c.29 km fm Mackay 21 deg S.
Substrate from which the sample was collected: bee baskets
Collected by: N.G.Christensen
Date Colleted: 11/28/1988

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