FGSC #6853 Mating Types: A Species: Neurospora sitophila
Genotype : N. sitophila
Alleles: Matavera, Rarotonga
Stock No. from Other Collection: P4090
Depositor of Strain: DDP
Strain of Opposite Mating Type: 0
Reference: Turner and Fairfield 1990. FGN 37:46
Reference: Turner and Fairfield 1993. FGN 40:84
Perkins ID Number: P4090
Results of cross to Neurospora crassa: barely or no
Results of cross to Neurospora Sitophila: Barren x Sk-1K a
Results of cross to Neurospora celata: 4black:4abort x P4376; P4090A x P4092a made 8:0s
Comments: Note that P4089 is out of order few sp. as fem.
Color: WT
Spore Killer: 1K
Collection Site: MATAVERA,Cook Islands Rarotonga (N.Z.)
Site Data: (New Zealand poss.) tree stump in rubbish heap
Substrate from which the sample was collected: burn
Collected by: R.E. Beever
Date Colleted: 9/9/1987

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