FGSC #6625 Mating Types: a Species: Neurospora intermedia
Genotype : N. intermedia Y
Alleles: Harwood Island NSW
Stock No. from Other Collection: P3384
Depositor of Strain: DDP
Strain of Opposite Mating Type: 6624
Reference: Perkins & Turner 1988 Exp Mycol 91-131
Perkins ID Number: P3384
Results of cross to Neurospora crassa: <10%
Results of cross to Neurospora intermedia: x int fl A,8135 rud
Comments: Q133 base ident on color
Collection Site: HARWOOD ISLAND,New South Wales Australia
Site Data: D.Shaw from bee coll. by D.R.Strong
Substrate from which the sample was collected: bee
Collected by: D. Shaw
Date Colleted: 1/1/1983

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