FGSC #5963 Mating Types: + Species: Fusarium verticillioides
Genotype: Fusarium verticillioides nit6
Alleles: FKMA956
Linkage Group(s): VCG A5
Stock No. from Other Collection: FKMA956
Depositor of Strain: JFL
Strain of Opposite Mating Type: 0
Reference: Klittich and Leslie 1988. Genetics 118:417-423
Lesion: nit-6 nitrate nonutilizer-6
Enzyme Name: nitrite reductase
Lesion Information for Marker:
      Linkage Group of nit-6: VIL
      Markers Left of nit-6: chol-2 (6%)
      Markers Right ofnit-6: ser-7 (10%) and ad-8(17%)
Marker description or requirements:
      VIL. Right of chol-2 (6%). Left of ser-7 (10%) and ad-8(17%) (PB; O.C. Yoder, personal communication). Unable to use nitrate or nitrite as a nitrogen source (185). Lacks nitrite reductase (185) (Fig. 19), which is subject to positive nitrogen metabolite repression (186). Affected by nit-2 and MS5 regulator genes (838, 1076a) (see nmr-1). Used to study repression of nitrate reductase (26) and nonenzymatic reduction of nitrite (185). Induced by nitrite (198).
Reference for: nit-6: 26. Amy, N. K. , and R. H. Garrett. 1979. Immunoelectrophoretic determination of nitrate reductase in N. crassa. Anal. Biochem. 95:97-107.
Reference for: nit-6: 185. Chang, H. C. -P. , G. J. Mulkins, J. C. Dyer, and G. J. Sorger. 1975. Enzymatic and non-enzymatic reduction of nitrite by extracts of N. crassa. J. Bacteriol. 123:755-758.
Reference for: nit-6: 186. Chang, H. C. -P. and G. J. Sorger. 1976. Effect of ammonium ions on the induction of nitrite reductase in N. crassa. J. Bacteriol. 126:1002-1004.
Reference for: nit-6: 198. Coddington, A. 1976. Biochemical studies on the nit mutants of Neurospora crassa. Mol. Gen. Genet. 145:195-206.
Reference for: nit-6: 838. Premakumar, R. , G. J. Sorger, and D. Gooden. 1980. Physiological characterization of a Neurospora crassa mutant with impaired regulationof nitrate reductase. J. Bacteriol. 144:542-551.
Reference for: nit-6: 1189. Tifford, A. H. 1977. The regulation of the nitrate assimilatory pathway in Neurospora crassa. The Johns Hopkins University. Diss. Abstr. Int. 37:4831B-4832B.


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