FGSC #2520 Mating Types: A Species: Neurospora crassa
Genotype: csp-2 nic-3
Alleles: UCLA101 Y31881
Linkage Group(s): VII VIIL
Depositor of Strain: CPS
Strain of Opposite Mating Type: 0
Lesion: csp-2 conidial separation-2
Lesion Information for Marker:
      Linkage Group of csp-2: VIIL
      Markers Left of csp-2: Linked to thi-3 (<1%)
      Markers Right ofcsp-2: T(T54M40)
Marker description or requirements:
      VIIL. Linked to thi-3 (<1%), probably to the right. Left of T(T54M40) (972, PB). Conidia fail to separate and become airborne. Cultures on agar readily scored by the tap test. Resembles csp-1. Conidia are freed in water suspension long after induction of aerial growth and at only 1/100 the concentration of the wild type. A csp-1;csp-2double mutant releases no detectable free conidia under the same conditions (972). Most csp-2alleles complement csp-1 in forced heterokaryons to form the wild-type number of free conidia (972), but csp-2(UCLA102) does not (969). Conidiating colonies of the csp-2;sn cr-1 strain on replica plates can be overlayered without the conidia being spread (744); photograph (747).
Reference for: csp-2: 744. Nelson, R. E. , T. Chandler, and C. P. Selitrennikoff. 1973. cr sn:the significance of macroconidiation for mutant hunts. Neurospora Newsl. 20:33-34.
Reference for: csp-2: 747. Nelson, R. E. , C. P. Selitrennikoff, and R. W. Siegel. 1975. Mutants of Neurospora deficient in nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide(phosphate) glycohydrolase. J. Bacteriol. 122:695-709.
Reference for: csp-2: 969. Selitrennikoff, C. P. 1981. A new allele of csp-2 which does not complement csp-1. Neurospora Newsl. 28:17.
Reference for: csp-2: 972. Selitrennikoff, C. P. , R. E. Nelson, and R. W. Siegel. 1974. Phase-specific genes for macroconidiation in Neurospora crassa. Genetics 78:679-690.
Lesion: nic-3 nicotinic acid-3
Lesion Information for Marker:
      Linkage Group of nic-3: VIIL
      Markers Left of nic-3: spco-4 (1%) and do (3%)
      Markers Right ofnic-3: thi-3 (9 to 27%) and csp-2 (16 to 22%)
Marker description or requirements:
      VIIL. Right of spco-4 (1%) and do (3%). Left of thi-3 (9 to 27%) and csp-2 (16 to 22%) (539, 812, 816, PB). (M.K. Allen, cited in references 718 and 789) Uses nicotinic acid, nicotinamide, 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid, 3-hydroxykynurenine, or high concentrations of quinolinic acid (96, 1168). Accumulates alpha-N-acetylkynurenine; blocked in conversion of kynurenine to 3-hydroxykynurenine (1168) (Fig. 18). Pyridine nucleotide levels (111). Pathway from tryptophan to nicotinic mononucleotide, showing sites of gene action (96, 100, 368, 1168). The enzymatic reactions between 3-hydroxyanthranilate and nicotinic mononucleotide have not been demonstrated directly in Neurospora.
Reference for: nic-3: 96. Bonner, D. M. 1948. The identification of a natural precursor of nicotinic acid. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 34:5-9.
Reference for: nic-3: 100. Bonner, D. M. , and C. Yanofsky. 1949. Quinolinic acid accumulation in the conversion of 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid to niacin inNeurospora. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 35:576- 581.
Reference for: nic-3: 111. Brody, S. 1972. Regulation of pyridine nucleotide levels and ratios in Neurospora crassa. J. Biol. Chem. 247:6013-6017.
Reference for: nic-3: 368. Gaertner, F. H. 1981. A response to a letter from David Perkins concerning the question of whether nt mutants involve tryptophanpyrrolase. Neurospora Newsl. 28:12.
Reference for: nic-3: 539. Kafer, E. , and E. Perlmutter. 1980. Isolation and genetic analysis of MMS-sensitive mus mutants of Neurospora. Can. J. Genet. Cytol. 22:535-552.
Reference for: nic-3: 718. Murray, N. E. 1960. The distribution of methionine loci in Neurospora crassa. Heredity 15:199-206.
Reference for: nic-3: 789. Perkins, D. D. 1959. New markers and multiple point linkage data in Neurospora. Genetics 44:1185-1208.
Reference for: nic-3: 812. Perkins, D. D. , M. Glassey, and B. A. Bloom. 1962. New data on markers and rearrangements in Neurospora. Can. J. Genet. Cytol. 4:187-205.
Reference for: nic-3: 816. Perkins, D. D. , D. Newmeyer, C. W. Taylor, and D. C. Bennett. 1969. New markers and map sequences in Neurospora crassa, with adescription of mapping by duplication coverage, and of multiple translocation stocks for testing linkage. Genetica 40:247-278.
Reference for: nic-3: 1168. Yanofsky, C. , and D. M. Bonner. 1950. Evidence for the participation of kynurenine as a normal intermediate in the biosynthesis of niacinin Neurospora. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 36:167-176.


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